Domestic abuse

CIMC applauds Govt on budget allocations towards social issues

This allocation will include K10 million to Sorcery awareness and K10 Million to gender-based violence.

“I commend and thank the Prime Minister and the NEC, including the Minister of Department of National Planning and Monitoring for hearing our cries.

“It’s long overdue and I urge the responsible implementing agencies to continue to work in partnership with stakeholders and effectively deliver on outcome”, said Yakam.

Yakam also praised the reported focus on funding targeted at gender equality as this is fundamental in overcoming violence against women.

VIDEO: Say no to violence!

During Rosalyn's tribute, 'Say no to violence against women' was the message that her family left with friends, family and colleagues, after damning photographs taken a short time after her passing, were publicly displayed; photographs of a badly bruised body.

The shocking revelation of the alleged violence she seemingly endured until her last breath came as a surprise to most who were in attendance.


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Arrested for assaulting former wife

George Hanio was arrested and charged by police on allegations he physically assaulted his former wife after a domestic argument at Murray Barracks on 18 June 2015, which left her with a fractured arm and leg.

He appeared before Justice Panuel Mogish, where he pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm to his former wife.

He admitted to the offence and apologised to the court for his actions, but said he was provoked by his wife, who back then, used to sleep out without informing him.

911 call records US politician 'beating wife'

Republican representative Chris Corley has been charged with first degree domestic violence and pointing a firearm at a person.

The call was made on Monday evening, and released by police to local media.

Mr Corley, 36, recently voted for legislation toughening punishments for domestic violence.

Morocco broadcaster apologises after advising women to hide bruises

Channel 2M, which featured the clip last week, has admitted that the footage was "completely inappropriate".

In the broadcast, a woman is seen resting in a chair while make-up is applied to conceal fake bruises around her eyes.

The video was later removed from the channel's website.

In the clip, featured on the show Sabahiyat, the host of the show offers tips on how to make the appearance of bruising "disappear" using foundation and toners.

Two-thirds of women in PNG suffer domestic abuse

But 15 years later, and with 67% of women in the country suffering domestic abuse, progress in Papua New Guinea has been far slower than hoped.

Though scant wide-scale studies have been undertaken, statistics show that more than half of women there have been raped. Reports have estimated that 60% of men had participated in gang rape at least once, while in certain Highland provinces the rate of violence against women was 100%.