Wera Mori

VIDEO: Mori on polling

When making comparisons to these elections, Mori said the 2017 election will be facing a lot of challenges because of funding issues.


Freddy Mou with this report 

Chuave MP’s case transferred to Kundiawa

Mori’s case briefly came for mention before Magistrate Mekeo Gauli, who ordered for the matter to be transferred to Kundiawa because that is where the alleged offense occurred.

The 55-year-old member from Tokoma village, Chuave, Chimbu Province, was arrested on January 31 and later released on K1000 bail.

He was charged with eight different counts; seven under the Criminal Code act and one under the Police Force act.

Disciplinary officers’ conducts need attention: Mori

Chuave MP, Wera Mori said the conduct of PNGDF personnel who physically abused NCD Police boss Ben Turi on New Year’s Eve needs urgent attention.     

“PNGDF will be working alongside Police to provide security for the upcoming elections,” Mori said.   

He said, with many reports of public been abused by PNGDF and Police Personnel, the government can look at forming a paramilitary, where both institutions will come under one command. 

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill responded to the question because Defence Minister Fabian Pok was absent from today’s session.

Chuave MP Challenge warrants in court

His lawyer, Adam Ninkama moved an application before the Committal Court, asking the court to quash that search warrant as well as a warrant for his arrest that was obtained from the District Court last year.

He told Magistrate Cosmas Bidar that the search warrant date July 3, 2015 is defective as it was not obtained in the right manner.

This warrant was used by police to search the Chuave Treasury office and obtain files which were used in the investigation against Mori which led to his arrest on official corruption charges.

PM condemns police action after death of man

Investigations are underway both by the police Internal Investigation Unit and NCD police as apparently it involved NCDC police.

“The role of police is to mediate and resolve conflicts in a peaceful manner, and we are seeing situations where this is not the case.

“We appreciate the work of police who are doing their best to maintain peace and order in our communities.

“But there are a few Police that are not using reasonable means to address challenges they face and they jump into situations where they are trigger happy.

Provision allows for extra payment, Sir Puka says

Public Service Minister Sir Puka Temu told Parliament during question time today.

Sir Puka was responding to question without notice from Chuave MP Wera Mori.

Mori asked why senior public servants negotiating in the Wafi-Golpu Project paid themselves extra allowances amounting over a million kina.

"With no successful completion of the project why were bonus paid?"

Sir Puka said to look into the allegation raised because payment are made after negotiations are completed, but he added that provision does allow for extra payment.