Warrants to be issued on cash availability: Ngangan

Secretary Dr Ken Ngangan revealed during the launching of the amended Public Finance Management Act (PFMA) that warranting is now done through the budget management committee.

“Previously we just issued warrants based on the budget.

“Now what we are doing, we are issuing warrants in line with cash availability. So that when we issue warrants and cheques are written, there is cash there to clear the cheque,” he said.

Dr Ngangan said this was one of the basic control measures in the PFMA but was never complied with previously.

Chuave MP Challenge warrants in court

His lawyer, Adam Ninkama moved an application before the Committal Court, asking the court to quash that search warrant as well as a warrant for his arrest that was obtained from the District Court last year.

He told Magistrate Cosmas Bidar that the search warrant date July 3, 2015 is defective as it was not obtained in the right manner.

This warrant was used by police to search the Chuave Treasury office and obtain files which were used in the investigation against Mori which led to his arrest on official corruption charges.