Wera Mori

Minister blames Foreign Affairs dept

Mori made this call after being questioned by this newsroom on the Government’s plans in dealing with especially Asians dominating small business operations.

Minister Mori claims Asians are illegally running canteens in settlements and other semi-urban areas without proper work permits.

“They were not supposed to take over the job opportunities that are meant for the locals.

“My department can just get a boat and ship them to where they came from.”

However, he blames the Department of Foreign Affairs and Labour for their entry into the country.

Offshore funding to subsidise SME programs

Minister Mori said while submissions will be made to the Government for funding in the 2018 budget, it may not be enough given the current economic period.

He said the Government is still committed to the SME sector and will continue to support them.

Before heading into a National Executive Council Meeting yesterday, Minister Mori stated that he expects the Government to allocate funding for projects which they can carry out nationwide.

However, he added that may not be sufficient and that there are other avenues for funding.

No parallel programs for agriculture: Minister

This is in response to the announcement by the Minister for Trade, Commerce and Industry, Wera Mori, to revive rundown plantations through cooperative societies.

In September, Mori announced plans by his Ministry to spearhead the revival of rundown plantations through the cooperative society scheme, which had died out.

Yesterday, Agriculture Minister Allan said his Ministry and Department was mandated to oversee the sector.

Govt vows to stand by SMEs

Commerce and Industry Minister, Wera Mori, gave the assurance during the opening of the SME Corporation Expo in Port Moresby today.

Mori said the Government will ensure that SMEs receive the support they need to prosper, especially in funding.

At the opening, Minister Mori reiterated the government’s agenda of supporting the SME sector.

However, he said this must be translated into actions and not just rhetoric.

Minister Mori said accessing financing is one aspect which needs innovative thinking and he has shared this sentiment with the SME Corporation.

VIDEO: Govt to stand by SME’s

Commerce and Industry Minister, Wera Mori, said this during the opening of the SME Corporation Expo in Port Moresby today.

Mori said the Government will ensure that SME's receive the support they need to prosper, especially in funding.


Cedric Patjole with more 

​Livestock not included in revival plan

Minister for Trade, Commerce and Industry, Wera Mori, clarified that currently, livestock is not covered under the plantation revival project.

However, he said an approach similar to what they are doing to revive plantations may be taken on board later on.

“At the moment we want to touch on the cash crops like coffee, coconut, cocoa and rubber. That will involve the participation of many people,” he said.

The Cooperative Society of PNG is parked under Mori’s portfolio.

​PNG beaten in coffee production

Minister for Trade, Commerce and Industry, Wera Mori, said following a recent visit to Vietnam, he learned that the country invested in the commodity which has now bypassed PNG.

He said while PNG had already begun exporting coffee by the 1960s, Vietnam’s coffee industry was in its infant stages.

However, the South East Asian country is now exporting more bags while PNG struggles.

“Vietnam did not produce one bag of coffee in 1975. When PNG gained Independence, we produced one million green bean bags.

​Mori spearheads plantations’ revival

Today, representatives from various commodity boards met with Minister for Trade, Commerce and Industry, Wera Mori, to begin a consolidated effort towards the agenda.

Mori said the idea to revive plantations under the cooperatives’ structure is part of the government agenda to revitalise the economy through commodity based exports and less reliance on the extractive industry.

He added the cooperatives’ society structure will also see a communal based ownership of resources and businesses, and not by only a particular group such as landowners.

​Minister wants PMIZ local content

“The PMIZ is a very crucial government intervention for economy growth; it will be developed with a world class wharf with enabling infrastructure that will bring enormous spin off benefits to the peripheries of the PMIZ affected communities,” says the Minister.

“As the Minister responsible for the Pacific Marine Industrial Zone (PMIZ), I have made several trips to the area and communicated with the affected communities.

Mori calls for support

Mori make these remarks when recently meeting with the heads of state agencies that come under his ministry.

He said there are various divisions within his department that play key roles in the development of the country.

Mori added that because his ministry will be playing a major role in hosting the APEC in 2018 and must be given that utmost support from the government.

The minister also highlighted that there will be some measures imposed in the department to improve the economic wellbeing and sustain it in the long run.