Andrew Liliura

Talasea MP hails Liliura’s appointment

He also praised the National Executive Council for making the right choice by appointing Liliura to this very important position.

“I’d like to commend the Minister responsible for the ministry for having the confidence in Mr Liliura and appointing him to this senior position within the department,” he said.

Maneke said Small and Medium Enterprises in the country need a leader who will lead them and support them in investing in their small businesses and the appointment of Mr Liliura is a step in the right direction.

​Mori spearheads plantations’ revival

Today, representatives from various commodity boards met with Minister for Trade, Commerce and Industry, Wera Mori, to begin a consolidated effort towards the agenda.

Mori said the idea to revive plantations under the cooperatives’ structure is part of the government agenda to revitalise the economy through commodity based exports and less reliance on the extractive industry.

He added the cooperatives’ society structure will also see a communal based ownership of resources and businesses, and not by only a particular group such as landowners.