Media training for locals in Talasea

This is to help them understand the role of media and how it can be used as a platform for communicating their stories and discussing important national issues.

The two-day workshop was held in Kimbe by the Media Development Initiative (MDI), covering basic news writing, setting up and participating in news interviews, social media literacy and understanding the power of media to shape public debate.

Talasea presents K9.6m budget

Led by Talasea MP Francis Maneke with his delegation, the district presented a K9.6m budget along with the district’s five-year development plan.

Maneke said his 2018 budget was based around his campaign message, which is to deliver to the more than 200,000 people of Talasea.

He also raised concerns on the electoral boundaries and further called on the Government to look into this issue and split the electorate.

“The Government must really look into this issue and split our electorate.

Talasea MP hails Liliura’s appointment

He also praised the National Executive Council for making the right choice by appointing Liliura to this very important position.

“I’d like to commend the Minister responsible for the ministry for having the confidence in Mr Liliura and appointing him to this senior position within the department,” he said.

Maneke said Small and Medium Enterprises in the country need a leader who will lead them and support them in investing in their small businesses and the appointment of Mr Liliura is a step in the right direction.

From a party leader to a Minister

Maneke was sworn-in on Wednesday as the Minister for Communication and Information Technology.

Prior to this, Maneke was also appointed as the leader of the Our Development Party as he was the only member from that party in Parliament.

He unseated former Talasea MP and Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology Minister Francis Marus.

Manase, a successful businessman, owns a construction company known as Kaulong Estates.

Maneke is MP elect for Talasea

At the 31st exclusion for the Talasea Open, Maneke polled above the Absolute majority of 17,439 and declared winner over runner up and outgoing MP Francis Marus who polled 15,796.

Galia collected 19,081 votes to seal the victory.

He was declared on Sunday and officially signed the writ.

Meanwhile, Sasindran Muthuvel retained the Provincial seat as well as Joseph Lelang for the Kandrian Gloucester seat.


Picture: Governor Sasindran Muthuvel with Talasea MP elect Francis Galia Maneke

Men dominate WNB elections

According to the Electoral Commission’s nominations list, 69 men will be contesting for the Kandrian-Gloucestor Open (17), Talasea Open (33) and the WNB Regional seat (16).

Looking to retain the seats after being declared in 2012 are Kandrian-Gloucestor MP, Joseph Lelang, Talasea Open MP, Francis Marus and WNB Regional MP, Sasindran Muthuvel.

Marus and Muthuvel are both running under the People’s National Congress (PNC) Party banner, while Lelang is with the Coalition for Reform Party (CRP).

No woman has nominated to contest in any of the seats.

Marus nominates to dominate Talasea seat

He is adamant he wants to dominate the seat for three terms to equal the record set by Patterson Balive Lowa.

Truckloads of supporters from the oil palm blocks convoyed along the Kimbe-Hoskins road as they chanted, sang and dangled from moving vehicles with faces smeared with paint and traditional attire.

A major road-block was set up as the former Deputy Speaker and two-term MP is brought forward by his valiant men to have him nominate.

WNB graduates 833 elementary teachers

Teachers around the Kandrian, Gloucester, Mosa, Hoskins, Talasea, Cenaka, Bali/Vitu, Kaliai/Kove and East Nakanai converged at the Gavuvu SSEC church ground for the workshop. It started on July 4 and ended with a graduation ceremony on August 19.

The training was based on the Self Instruction Unit (SIU) and the Mix Mode. It focused on teachers who had been teaching without certification since 2007, said Provincial Elementary Training Coordinator for West New Britain, Mary Aumie.

Kimbe grinds to a standstill over killing

Last week, 7 young men from Section 21 d attempted to rob the Century Mart shop opposite Nivani.

One robber shot dead a security guard as the gang was exiting the building.

Truckloads of Bakovi people moved into town and demanded the criminals be identified and brought into the Police Station immediately.

Most schools, business houses and offices were closed yesterday in fear of riots.

Among the 6 petition points, they demanded for all settlements around the vicinity of the town and especially section 21, be removed.

Talasea people living on unripe fruits

Concerned leader in the area Freddie Kumai told Loop PNG today that the people are now walking long distances looking for water and food as a result of the current El Nino vlimate effect hitting the area.

He said Talasea LLG should be declared a drought affected zone.

“The 10 ward council with an estimated 18,000 plus population are devastated by the prolonged  drought.