Official Corruption Case

Bawa’s bail conditions to be reviewed

Following the committal of his case for trial in the National Court on Oct 17, Bawa’s bail conditions will be reviewed in court next Monday by his lawyer and State Prosecutors before Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika.

Bawa and his lawyer appeared before Sir Gibbs this afternoon and were told to consult and consent with the office of the Public Prosecutor on the bail conditions for review next Monday. He remains on District Court bail until then.

Chuave MP Challenge warrants in court

His lawyer, Adam Ninkama moved an application before the Committal Court, asking the court to quash that search warrant as well as a warrant for his arrest that was obtained from the District Court last year.

He told Magistrate Cosmas Bidar that the search warrant date July 3, 2015 is defective as it was not obtained in the right manner.

This warrant was used by police to search the Chuave Treasury office and obtain files which were used in the investigation against Mori which led to his arrest on official corruption charges.

Maprik MP responds in court

On October 30, the Waigani District Court ruled that on sufficient evidence it had to commit the case for trial at the National Court.

Today statements were presented before the District Court. Simon is facing allegations of two counts of false pretence and 38 counts of official corruption.

Simon’s lawyer said when the election petition against Simon was dismissed at the National Court in 2013, the same allegations were later used to criminally charge him.