Vaccination rollout

MP Disperses Funds

The monies was dispersed to various organizations that will assist in the delivery of vital services in the maritime district.

The organizations and funding amounts are as follows:

Respect People’s Rights: OC

The call was made in the media statement, regarding mandatory vaccination imposed by private sector. 

The Ombudsman Commission has noted with concern that more and more organisations, especially the private sector, have imposed ‘No Jab, No Job’ policies in their workplaces which the Commission believes borders on the rights of citizens who have chosen not to be vaccinated. 

EHPHA Embarks On Vaccination Rollout

They have taken the step to rollout the vaccination drive with the aim to cover 7000,000 people from the eight districts of the province.

Provincial Health Authority Acting Director Public Health, Dr Max Manape led the awareness in Henganofi.

“So very important vaccination em bai redusim disla severity blong em. (When you get vaccinated it reduces the severity of COVID-19)

Dr. Manape explained further the effects of COVID-19 when a person is not fully vaccinated, recounting on his personal experience.

Health Workers Urged To Get Vaccinated

"While vaccine remains optional I am encouraging everyone to get vaccinated. Vaccines save lives. 

“There is a relative increase in vaccination, but it is still a tiny margin. We still have a long way to go before we reach that satisfactory target many countries have already reached for their people.

Also, in recognizing the dangerous operating environment health care staff work in, the Prime Minister further directed the Department of Health to immediately identify and implement health insurance options for all frontline health workers.

PM Directs Vaccination Roll Out

This includes getting the Government to look into insuring frontline healthcare workers - doctors, nurses and those directly involved in handling the pandemic response.

He immediately met with his key ministers and members of the National Pandemic Control Centre upon arrival from New York last Sunday to be updated on the status of the pandemic during his 11 days of absence in the country.

OTML Continues Vaccination Rollout

As of July 20, about 2733 staff and contractors have received the vaccine, with 301 fully vaccinated after receiving their second jab. This represents 23 per cent of the workforce receiving at least one dose.

With a steady vaccination uptake, OTML aims to achieve herd immunity before the end of the year to enable the operation and people’s lives to return to some form of normality.

OTML Managing Director & CEO, Musje Werror said: “The Company is doing all it can in line with its duty of care culture to protect the workforce, residents and the communities.

Vaccine rollout for ARoB

Three health facilities have been selected within the three regions as rollout sites, they are; Buka General Hospital for Northern, Arawa District Hospital for Central Bougainville and Buin Health Centre in  Southern Bougainville.

Prior to the rollout, training sessions were completed in Northern, Central and Southern regions of Bougainville to equip healthcare workers with the skills to run the rollout process and administer the vaccines.