EHPHA Embarks On Vaccination Rollout

Eastern Highlands Provincial Health Authority is not taking any more chances to let the COVID-19 pandemic spread to all the districts.

They have taken the step to rollout the vaccination drive with the aim to cover 7000,000 people from the eight districts of the province.

Provincial Health Authority Acting Director Public Health, Dr Max Manape led the awareness in Henganofi.

“So very important vaccination em bai redusim disla severity blong em. (When you get vaccinated it reduces the severity of COVID-19)

Dr. Manape explained further the effects of COVID-19 when a person is not fully vaccinated, recounting on his personal experience.

“Taim yu kisim disla vaccination em bai wokim tupla samting. 1. Em bai protectim yu long no ken igo severe na igo long Oxygen na igo na stap Insait long haus sik. But yu no kisim COVID-19 vaccine em bai taim oxygen pinis, hamaspla lain bai pinis insait long hap.” (When you get vaccinated, it protects against being severely affected and it prevents you from being hospitalised. But if you choose not to be vaccinated, you will end up dying due to lack of oxygen like those who have died in the hospital)

Dr. Joseph Apa, EHPHA CEO officially declared the district vaccinations open starting with Henganofi.

He said other districts would follow suit starting with Unggai and Bena districts, saying that they aim to achieve a 70-80 per cent coverage.

Frieda Kana