Ombudsman Commission (OC)

Prolonged closure of OC office concerning

The OC office doors in Port Moresby and Lae were locked by the landlord last Friday because of non-payment of rental bills.                            

The closure has also affected the public counter to lodge complaints against people holding public office who are suspected of breaking the leadership code.        

The Chief Ombudsman said outstanding rental payments of K975,000 had already been paid by the Finance Department and expects the office to be opened after confirmation by the landlord.  

Parties to be served copies of OC reference

The Speaker of Parliament, the Attorney General, Electoral Commission and chairman of the Constitutional Law and Reforms Commission, are to be served the reference by February 16.

The Commission must serve the reference on the four parties, including an application seeking interim orders. If these parties are interested in the reference, they are to file responding statements by February 21.

Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia issued the directions to Ombudsman Commission’s counsel Dr Vergil Narokobi today.

Ombudsman to embark on election awareness

The OC says it is taking this approach as a proactive measure in educating voters on good leadership qualities to help voters make a sound judgement when casting their votes.

Intending candidates will also be included in the awareness on good leadership virtues.  

Voters and intending candidates will also be educated on the importance of a fair and free election process - that voters must be allowed to freely exercise their rights to vote for candidates of their choice.

The Pre-Election Awareness Program will be launched on Monday.