Public Prosecutor Yet To Receive Letter

Public Prosecutor, Pondros Kaluwin says he has not received a letter of referral from the Ombudsman Commission to conduct investigations into allegations of misconduct by Justice Minister and Member for Madang, Bryan Kramer.

Mr Kaluwin explained that the process is such that the Ombudsman Commission investigates allegations against the leader’s misconduct based on complaints by the public. If sufficient evidence is found the matter is referred to the Public Prosecutor to assess and conduct its own investigations.

Kaluwin told Looppng this morning, “I have not received anything from the Ombudsman”.

At yesterday’s media conference, Minister Kramer described the 14 allegations levelled against him by the OC as “ridiculous”.

“On 3 December 2021, I received the first letter from the Chief Ombudsman, Richard Pagen, giving me the right to respond to the 14 allegations of misconduct in office.

“On 4 December 2021, I wrote to the Chief Ombudsman requesting an extension of time to respond to the allegations and to provide the evidence they relied on to form the opinion that I was guilty of Misconduct In Office,” he stated.

Kramer said he made the request in light of many leadership cases brought by the Ombudsman Commission, but were thrown out by the court for lack of evidence.

“Unfortunately, the Chief Ombudsman saw fit to deny my request, claiming that it is generally not the practice of the Commission to provide evidence because all their investigations are confidential.”

“After learning that the Commission has formed an opinion that I am guilty of Misconduct in Office and is referring the matter to the Public Prosecutor to consider whether or not to prosecute the allegations.

“I now wish to exercise my right to challenge the decision in the National Court seeking orders that Ombudsman Commission provide me copies of the evidence they relied on.”

Jemimah Sukbat