Allegations of misconduct

Public Prosecutor Yet To Receive Letter

Mr Kaluwin explained that the process is such that the Ombudsman Commission investigates allegations against the leader’s misconduct based on complaints by the public. If sufficient evidence is found the matter is referred to the Public Prosecutor to assess and conduct its own investigations.

Kaluwin told Looppng this morning, “I have not received anything from the Ombudsman”.

At yesterday’s media conference, Minister Kramer described the 14 allegations levelled against him by the OC as “ridiculous”.

Supreme Court dismisses Pruaitch’s appeal

Pruaitch was seeking discovery of the Ombudsman Commission’s investigation documents in the appeal, which challenges a decision of the National Court from Dec 2014 after the lower court rejected a motion he was seeking in a civil proceeding.

This was after he became subject to investigation by the Ombudsman Commission, during his term as the Minister for Forestry from 2002-2007, regarding allegations of misconduct in office against him under the Leadership Code.