OC urges citizens to vote wisely

The Ombudsman Commission is calling on all eligible voters to exercise caution when they cast their votes.

Chief Ombudsman Richard Pagen said good moral and ethical standards in leaders are a real problem in the country today.

“The Ombudsman Commission statistics show more than 100 leaders from different sectors of the government have been investigated and referred to the Public Prosecutor for prosecution since independence,” Pagen said.

“There is a need to elect good leaders during the upcoming National Election in 2022,” he added.

He said basic services like proper care are not trickling down to the rural areas because of the bad decisions of those in influential positions. 

The Ombudsman Commission outlined that voters must consider the following qualities in a leader.

  • fulfilling his or her constitutional obligations without fear or favour;
  • putting the interests of others before his or hers;
  • providing goods and services to the people they are mandated to serve.

Mr. Pagen warned voters not to be driven by future selfish interest and intent.

“Vote for the right candidate with right qualities and high moral standards. Your vote is your voice. Your vote is your investment. Speak up for the right candidate.”

Press Release