Tuition Fee Free

Schools reminded not to charge fees

Education Secretary Dr Uke Kombra in a statement reminded schools that the NEC Decision No. 01/2016 of 04th February 2016 still stands – that no fee should be charged by government run schools.

“The National Government hasn’t changed its policy on Tuition Fee Free education for all children currently in schools around the country.

“The Department of Education has received complaints from parents, guardians and students that school administrations and school boards have asked parents to pay fees prior to enrolment.

Govt owes schools K97m: Minister

Minister for Education Nick Kuman told Parliament yesterday that the funds were for the last quarter of last year.

However, Minister Kuman said for the first quarter of this year, the government had already paid K100 million with K50m yet to be paid.

Kuman was responding to Morobe Governor Ginson Saonu during question time on when the Government would release TFF for Morobe schools totaling K6 million.

He said the Government is doing its best to catch up with the first quarter of this year by paying all the school TFF funds.

Schools will be disciplined for charging enrolment fees

The Government, through National Executive Council decision No: 25/2016, in no uncertain terms directed that no fees of any sort relating to student enrolment be imposed upon parents.

Education Secretary Dr. Uke Kombra said in line with the NEC decision, he has issued circular instructions; 2/16 and 2/17 in 2016 and 2017.

Kombra said: “Still, reports are coming in that a number of schools are imposing fees, including withholding certificates to collect so-called outstanding fees from parents. That is uncalled for.

Schools urged to send in acquittals for TFF

Minister for Education Nick Kuman said up to now, acquittals from schools coming to the department on the use of the funds are basically zero.

Kuman said these are public funds and schools must be responsible, and team leaders in each school must also be responsible in the management of the funds.

“We want to see the visibility of the use of those funds but we have not established that yet.

“We want this money to go to the schools so that the students are educated and that is the intention of the government,” said Kuman.