Schools will be disciplined for charging enrolment fees

Schools covered under Tuition Fee Free education but are charging enrolment fees will be disciplined for defiance of lawful Government directive.

The Government, through National Executive Council decision No: 25/2016, in no uncertain terms directed that no fees of any sort relating to student enrolment be imposed upon parents.

Education Secretary Dr. Uke Kombra said in line with the NEC decision, he has issued circular instructions; 2/16 and 2/17 in 2016 and 2017.

Kombra said: “Still, reports are coming in that a number of schools are imposing fees, including withholding certificates to collect so-called outstanding fees from parents. That is uncalled for.

“The Department of Education will immediately suspend and investigate the head teacher of the school found to be charging fees.

“At the same time, the TFF payment for the school will be withheld until such time the investigations are completed and the findings are presented to the Department to decide on which action to be taken.

“School boards will also be suspended if they do not comply accordingly.

“The full support of Provincial Education Boards and Provincial Education Advisors is required to ensure the government’s policy on TFF education is implemented.”

The Department has established hotline numbers for each region, which parents or guardians can use to call the Department and report schools that are charging fees.

Southern – 73327048; NGI – 72239926; Highlands – 70735658, and Momase -70835454. The email address is:

“School inspectors are instructed to monitor and take appropriate actions where required,” said the Secretary.

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