Education Minister

Uguro thanks Education Ministry staff

The Ministry of Education is made up of the Teaching Service Commission, the Office of Libraries, Archives, and the Department of Education.

Minister for Education Jimmy Uguro when thanking staff said despite the many challenges and difficulties experienced, including being locked out of office due to rental issues, they had all performed well in their core functions, roles and responsibilities as expected.

Uguro Highlights Education Challenges

Minister for Education, Jimmy Uguro made this known when presenting the Education Department’s 2020 Annual Report in the recent Parliament session.

He mentioned that the department’s main challenge over the next 10 years is to ensure that all children complete 13 years of relevant quality basic education.

Government releases K123m education subsidy

Minister for Education, Jimmy Uguro confirmed this whilst in Kimbe, West New Britain recently.

He said the Government is committed in subsidizing school subsidies across the country with funds earmarked for the second quarter ready to be rolled out across the country.

More than K100 million has been approved by the NEC for the second quarter.

Minister Uguro also encouraged schools to continue to accept students and not to charge any fees.

However, project fees can be paid depending on the decision by the Provincial Education Board.

NCD schools advised to resume on Aug 17

Education Minister, Joseph Yopyyopy, said after consultations with the government yesterday (Monday, August 10), the Department has been directed to advise all schools in NCD and Central to open for normal classes on August 17 and not Thursday, August 13, as previously instructed by the Controller.

“The two days will give schools and parents ample time to prepare for the resumption next week,” he stated.

“Teachers are advised to give more teaching and learning time to core subjects or subjects that will be examined.

Resumption of classes depends on situation: Minister

Education Minister, Joseph Yopyyopy, says this means the 2020 academic year is affected by four weeks.

“Furthermore, this resumption date is subject to the status of the COVID-19 situation over the next two weeks,” Yopyyopy said in his ministerial policy statement (3/2020).

“The Education Department will revise and advise parents and authorities of new term dates, holidays and other critical events like examinations.

No more elementary schools: Minister

The Education Department has launched and implemented the policy on early childhood education system that replaces the elementary school system.

The facilities of the elementary schools in various communities in the country will be converted into early childhood education.

“Because of the changes that are happening in the 6-6-6 school structure, there will no longer be elementary schools,” explained Minister Yopyyopy.

Aust scholarship program for PNG students

This program will enable students from PNG to build lifelong connections with Australia and help develop their skills to contribute fully to PNG’s development, thereby enhancing its sustainable economic growth.

As currently designed, the program will support PNG students to obtain a senior school certificate and possibly an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank if desired. The first cohort of students will commence in year 10 in Australia in July 2020.

Education dept told to solve teachers’ leave fare issue

Central Governor Robert Agarobe, during question without notice, directed his query to the Education Minister, Joseph Yopyyopy, when parliament session began in Port Moresby on November 26th.

“Apart from all other public servants, not only teachers in Central Province but throughout the country have done well in their teaching services but their leave entitlements were not given on time,” he said.

In 2018, the governor gave an approved amount of K450,000 to Central Provincial education department as the department was unable to cater for the fares.

Fiji education minister charged with bribery

Mahendra Reddy is charged with one count each of bribery and using undue influence.

The charges were brought by the Independent Commission Against Corruption.

In a statement, it alleged Dr Reddy offered a steady water source to a high school in exchange for a school manager's vote.

It said he interfered with the free exercise or performance of the manager, Waisea Lelobo's political rights.

Dr Reddy has pleaded not guilty and was granted bail.

His conditions included paying $500 bond and having to report to a police station once a week.

Schools will be disciplined for charging enrolment fees

The Government, through National Executive Council decision No: 25/2016, in no uncertain terms directed that no fees of any sort relating to student enrolment be imposed upon parents.

Education Secretary Dr. Uke Kombra said in line with the NEC decision, he has issued circular instructions; 2/16 and 2/17 in 2016 and 2017.

Kombra said: “Still, reports are coming in that a number of schools are imposing fees, including withholding certificates to collect so-called outstanding fees from parents. That is uncalled for.