Minister for Education Nick Kuman

Govt owes schools K97m: Minister

Minister for Education Nick Kuman told Parliament yesterday that the funds were for the last quarter of last year.

However, Minister Kuman said for the first quarter of this year, the government had already paid K100 million with K50m yet to be paid.

Kuman was responding to Morobe Governor Ginson Saonu during question time on when the Government would release TFF for Morobe schools totaling K6 million.

He said the Government is doing its best to catch up with the first quarter of this year by paying all the school TFF funds.

Education Department to improve data collection for schools

The development of the program started three years ago and aims to have all the profiles of the school systems in the country captured into one central system.

Minister for Education Nick Kuman said this process makes it easy to distribute the tuition free fees (TFF) payments to all schools.

“We must ensure that profiles for schools are registered in a data base system so we would know vital information like where the school is located, its registration number and level of the school.

K75m TFF for term one disbursed to schools

Minister for Education Nick Kuman confirmed this week that they have collected K55m and K20m last week for TFF.

Kuman said K75m year mark for first half of term one this year has been rolled out to all the schools throughout the country.

He highlighted that no excuse should come from the schools to charge fees.

“We have done well for the government since 2012 with all schools paid 100 percent of TFF.”

He said all 13 441 schools eligible for TFF with 2.2 million students throughout the country have received all the TFF funds since 2012 to 2016.

Schools instructed to implement new curriculum

SBC learning kits are now being delivered to 7,000 elementary schools across the country.

Minister for Education, Nick Kuman, is calling on all divisions of the Department, including stakeholders, to support the curriculum reform.

Kuman said standards need to be set to allow SBC to move forward.

The change must start from the department, then to the regions, provinces, districts and schools.

Delivery of SBC kits for elementary schools launched

Minister for Education Nick Kuman today launched the delivery of SBC elementary syllabuses, teacher guides and English kits to all elementary schools throughout the country.

Each SBC kit contains teacher’s guides for elementary prep, E1 and E2 with daily lesson plans, a set of flash cards, posters, 4GB SD Card and its plastic adapter and CD.

The teacher’s guides include subjects English, Mathematics and Culture and Community sets.

Kuman said the launch marks a significant moment in the history of PNG’s education system.

Schools urged to send in acquittals for TFF

Minister for Education Nick Kuman said up to now, acquittals from schools coming to the department on the use of the funds are basically zero.

Kuman said these are public funds and schools must be responsible, and team leaders in each school must also be responsible in the management of the funds.

“We want to see the visibility of the use of those funds but we have not established that yet.

“We want this money to go to the schools so that the students are educated and that is the intention of the government,” said Kuman.

Civil society groups urged to leave schools out of protest

Minister for Education Nick Kuman called on leaders of various civil society groups, who are going on social media to gather support for their planned protest, to leave schools out of their plans.

Kuman urged all heads of schools and institutions to immediately return to classes and not to take heed of such information on social media to cancel classes.

He said the education minister is the only authority. “There is no other authority and is deemed illegal as civil society groups have no power or authority to make decisions for schools’ operations.