​Simbu completes polls

Chuave Returning Officer, Peter Are, confirmed this with Loop PNG.

He said they are now awaiting the extraction of ballot papers to Kundiawa.

Are said polling was conducted in a peaceful and orderly manner.

He said even though they started a day late, they have finished on time.

He added that the Simbu Provincial Election Steering Committee had come up with strict security measures and nothing will be illegally conducted in regards to ballot papers.

Simbu polls: 2,700 ballot papers burnt

The ballot papers did not match the voting population of 26,000 in the district.

The issue is a result of discrepancies in the Electoral Roll update.

The extra ballot papers were burnt in the presence of security personnel and election officials.

Provincial election steering committee chairman, Joe Tonda Nao, says his team had spent the whole day on Monday going through ballot boxes and discovered the extra ballot papers.

​Simbu polls underway

Provincial Election Manager Tom Sine told Loop PNG this morning that everything has been prepared and polling teams are ready to conduct the polls.

He said despite the deferral on Monday, people are looking forward to casting their votes today.

The one-day polling, scheduled for yesterday for the three highlands provinces, did not eventuate in some districts due to grievances raised by candidates and supporters regarding the Electoral Roll and other issues.

More to come...

​Common roll issue in Simbu

Simbu Election Manager Tom Sine told Loop PNG that people have raised concern with the issue of common roll and names not on the list to vote.

Sine said most areas in the province have no names on the common roll.

“We are set to go except that the issue of Common Roll has been raised and we’re still waiting for directions from Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato.”

He added that as soon as Gamato gives his directives, they will update the people of Simbu.

More to come… 

Another PNC rally disrupted in Simbu

Incumbent Governor for Simbu and PNC candidate, Noah Kool while hosting a final rally at Kundiawa town this afternoon was thrown stones at.

Reports on ground say, he was stoned by supporters of rival candidate, John Kerenga Gugl.

He was taken to the hospital and treated for minor abrasions and lacerations to the head.

Police confirmed that the confrontation started between supporters of the two candidates.

Provincial Election Manager, Reverend Tom Sine said both candidates were taken to the Police Station and resolved the issue.

CIC hold meet to update on CBB

The meeting, which began yesterday and ends today, will include stakeholders from Western Highlands and Chimbu.

The CIC will be presenting an update on the CBB incursion and measures they and other authorities will be implementing and will also allow for feedback and suggestions as a way forward for the benefit of all players in the industry.

Towa takes initiative to help job seekers

It is indeed a struggle securing a job – any job, as long as it puts food on the table.

Year after year, institutions pour more fresh graduates into the pool of job seekers and the demand increases with the desperation to be the eligible one.

But what happens if you don’t succeed for a job in your field? You either settle for a job outside your field of expertise, you start up your own business or you give up altogether.

A young man from Kerowagi, Chimbu Province, has taken the responsibility on himself, to assist job seekers.

PNG Civil Registry opens office in Chimbu

The office was commissioned by the Registrar General of Papua New Guinea, Dickson Kiragi and was officiated by Simbu Governor, Noah Kool, Provincial Administrator Joe Kunda and other senior officers from the provincial administration.

During the commissioning of this office Otto Sine was appointed as Provincial Registrar and is responsible for signing of certificates within the Chimbu Province.

ICCC signs cooperation agreement with Simbu

The MoU paves the way for both parties to work together and enforce the consumer protection, completion, and economic regulation work for the ICCC.

Under the MoU, a Business Development Officer (BDO) within the Commerce Division of the Provincial Administration will be formally recognized and resourced as an ICCC appointed agent to perform the monitoring and enforcement function of the ICCC.

The BDO will work in close collaboration with the ICCC’s Highlands Regional office and will be guided and required under the MoU to undertake 11 main activities.

Foundation established to help people in Chimbu

The Wiwe Hora Relief Foundation (WHRF) launched the programs on Jan 4, 2017.

WHRF is a Chimbu based rural non-profit NGO  aim to serve the people in their community as well as other surrounding communities.

The foundation was established in 2015 during the drought period which affected most the rural communities in the Highlands.

The main objectives of WHRF is to relieve the rural communities in any disaster stricken events and as well as emergency cases, like death.

So far, WHRF has delivered two lots of relief supplies to Wara Sua Community in 2015.