Youths vow to weed out drugs and homebrew

Thousands of people who gathered in Kundiawa town last Friday made a new year resolution to eradicate drugs such as marijuana and homebrew or steam which is destroying the future generations.

The New Year resolution was done in front of Opposition Leader, Don Pomb Polye.

Polye was invited as the guest speaker by Simbu Youth Group which is working with police and the Simbu Provincial government to eradicate drugs and steam from the province.

He was welcomed by traditional dancing groups and mothers and youth groups upon arrival, prior to the actual event.

Banking services arrive in rural areas

The groups include Voice for Change in Jiwaka, along with KGWan Eco-Habitat Inc. and Independent Reform and Restoration Movement (IRRM) in Chimbu.

They will all become banking agents with MiBank, and expect to open accounts for more than 400 farmers.

IRRM Manager Toppy Sundu said in the past they never had bank accounts and had to hide their money or spend it.

"If we did have a bank account it took all day to travel to town to deposit or withdraw money. It would cost us money for PMV and was not safe," he said.

Break through in drugs fight in Chimbu

The team, under field commander detective Yatefa Welis has conducted random operations since 2012 all over the rugged province, uprooting marijuana plants and making arrests.

More than 300 arrests have been made so far with nearly 200 now locked behind bars.

The drug operations took off when marijuana became a major law and order and social issue in the country.

Last week the team which is funded by the Provincial Government raided Migai village about four kilometres outside Kundiawa town on Thursday.

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 Koim accused of contempt of court

The Prime Minister’s lawyers involved in the review proceeding of NEC’s decision to abolish the Task Force Sweep are accusing Sweep chairman Sam Koim of contempt and subjudice.


Senior Simbu police officer in hiding

No funds for drought affected in Simbu: Governor

He said the drought took them by storm and they never expected it to be like what has happened.

Speaking today at the presentation of K750,000 cheque by the Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited to the five affected provinces in the Highlands region, Kool says the province have no money to cater for the drought but ate depending on the National Disaster office to cater for the situation.

He said the drought is hitting his people hard with rivers running dry and food gardens being dried up.