Another PNC rally disrupted in Simbu

​Another People’s National Congress (PNC) Rally was disrupted today in Kundiawa town.

Incumbent Governor for Simbu and PNC candidate, Noah Kool while hosting a final rally at Kundiawa town this afternoon was thrown stones at.

Reports on ground say, he was stoned by supporters of rival candidate, John Kerenga Gugl.

He was taken to the hospital and treated for minor abrasions and lacerations to the head.

Police confirmed that the confrontation started between supporters of the two candidates.

Provincial Election Manager, Reverend Tom Sine said both candidates were taken to the Police Station and resolved the issue.

Meanwhile with polling for the Province just two days away, distribution of ballot papers in the Districts has not eventuated.

Reverend Tom Sine says a few candidates are not satisfied with the final number of voters on the Electoral Roll.

He said some claimed that the number of voters has increased exponentially while others claim it has decreased and does not correspond to the estimates they have from their calculations based on the previous Electoral Roll.  

Reverend Sine has notified the Electoral Commission Headquarters of this issue and is waiting for their response.

He said he needs a prompt response from the headquarters, as they are against time in distribution and sending off teams to polling sites.

Simbu Province will hold its one day polling on the 26th of June. 


File picture of Noah Kool 

Charmaine Poriambep