Simbu polls: 2,700 ballot papers burnt

More than 2,700 excess ballot papers, belonging to Kundiawa-Gembogl district in Simbu Province, had been burnt by polling officials on Tuesday.

The ballot papers did not match the voting population of 26,000 in the district.

The issue is a result of discrepancies in the Electoral Roll update.

The extra ballot papers were burnt in the presence of security personnel and election officials.

Provincial election steering committee chairman, Joe Tonda Nao, says his team had spent the whole day on Monday going through ballot boxes and discovered the extra ballot papers.

Nao added that the committee has been very strict with ballot papers and have come up with strict security measures. One of the measures was the stamping of ballot papers.

Meanwhile, Provincial Election Manager Tom Sine is confident that polling will be completed today (June 28).

Freddy Mou