Former PM supports proposed ICAC legislations

In voicing his support, he has made the point that independence and transparency must be the cornerstone of the legislation and implementation moving forward.

“The ICAC legislation has been in development for several years, having first been proposed by PNC in 1997,” Mr. O’Neill said.

“Despite many bureaucratic delays, it now is at a point whereby Parliament can debate and then vote clear legislation into law.

“But there must not be compromise on the basic tenants of independence of the ICAC that is above reproach.

O'Neill steps down as PM

O'Neill made the announcment today and handed over the leadership to Sir Julius Chan.

O'Neill, when making the announcement today at the Crown Hotel said the recent movement of MPs calls for a change in government.

He said that despite this, the People's National Congress still remains the largest party in the government.

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Western Governor switches to Government

Welcoming the Governor and the other two MPs, Maprik MP, John Simon and Usino-Bundi MP, Jimmy Uguro, Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, said their move to the government shows that the Government is intact and stable.

In a small ceremony this afternoon at the Sir Manasupe Haus in Port Moresby,  the Prime Ministersaid the MPs move shows that PNC led government is intact and confident to remain in power for the remaining parliament terms.

“We are fighting to remove poor leadership”

This was reiterated in press conference today by Pangu Party leader and member elect for Bulolo, Sam Basil upon welcoming also the new Governor of Morobe Province, Ginson Goheyu Saonu.

Basil made this calling to the member elect for Kabwum, Patrick Basa stating that PNC has created a leadership vacuum in the Morobe Province and elsewhere too.

More candidates anticipated in Alotau

He said that a big group and some party leaders will be arriving in Alotau today.

Abel added that declarations are still continuing and PNC might be collecting another three MPs.

"We are getting calls every day from various MPs to bring them to Alotau so our numbers might swell in the next couple of days.

"So it's really looking positive but it's just the beginning and things might change," he said.

So far 24 PNC candidates have been declared.

Of the 24 declared, 15 PNC candidates along with 8 other supporting candidates are now in Alotau.

Regionalism is not part of our team: O’Neill

He said this demonstrates the nation-wide appeal of the PNC-led Government and its policies.

O’Neill made the comments as more PNC Members are declared from each of the nation’s four regions.

"Our Government for the next Parliament will be nationwide and consultative, not focused on any single region,” he said.

"Regionalism and selfishness that comes from exclusion will never be a part of a PNC-led Government.

"PNC candidates are being elected in significant numbers around the country from island and costal through to highlands communities.

VIDEO: PNC gains ground

PNC's Alotau Camp in preparation for government is slowly building momentum. 


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VIDEO: Milne Bay governor declared

Sir John was declared yesterday evening at 6:30 after the 9th and final elimination of Robert Igara.


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VIDEO: Independent candidates seen with PNC

This was the case today when Prime Minister Peter O'Neill welcomed Independent candidates for the Koroba Kopiago seat and the Komo Magarima into Port Moresby today.


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Schnaubelt: No talks between N.A and P.N.C yet

Schnaubelt is also the new member elect for Namatanai Open in New Ireland Province.

He confirmed that talks with smaller parties and independent candidates for a grand coalition had already started but not with the ruling, People’s National Congress Party.      

“At the moment, it is P.N.C vs N.A, and N.A will give it their best shot to try and form the next government,” Schnaubelt said.