Noah Kool

K300,000 for Kundiawa campus

“This shows the commitment of the government to partner with Unitech to further strengthen this institution and we have to develop it so our children can have the opportunity to study here and do their diplomas and degrees here in Kundiawa,” Governor Kool said.

“Our commitment is to try to provide the infrastructure and capital equipment while we try to get the other six district MPs to assist.”

Governor commits to support Unitech campus

Governor Kool made this commitment during the recent Simbu Unitech Satellite University’s graduation ceremony in Kundiawa.

He said his government will do its best to provide better educational infrastructure to improve and better the opportunity for students of Simbu so they can access quality education and further their studies at the Simbu Unitech Satellite University campus.

He further challenged parents to encourage their children to apply and study there.

Chimbu recount time further extended

This is the second extension allowed by the court, after recount results were initially due on February 8 in the National Court.

The counting was delayed over disputes on counting venue preference by supporters. 

The recount results of the Chimbu Regional seat was extended from February, and due in court today, 3rd April. 

However counting continues at the National Sports Institute in Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province.

Lawyers for the Electoral Commission filed a motion, seeking another extension of time from the court to complete the recount.

Simbu residents want recount venue changed

They have camped outside the Police station, preventing the Electoral Commission from moving the ballot boxes to Lae for counting.

The people of Simbu are yet to receive an official response from Electoral Commissioner, Patilias Gamato, from a petition they presented last Monday, demanding the change of recount venue from Lae to either Jiwaka, Goroka or Mount Hagen.

The National Court ordered the recount to take place outside of Kundiawa town. Disgruntled supporters presented a petition to the election manager in Kundiawa, demanding the change of venue.

Respect election petition process: Justice Makail

Justice Collin Makail said this when setting the trial dates for the hearing of the Simbu Regional seat.

He said the law is there to protect everyone and if an election is disputed, the process of election petitions is there and everyone has to respect it.

Candidates whose election were disputed remain the sitting MP pending the outcome of the trial.

The petition filed by Noah Kool disputing Michael Bogai Dua’s election as Simbu Regional MP was set for five days’ trial, commencing March 12, 2018.

Another PNC rally disrupted in Simbu

Incumbent Governor for Simbu and PNC candidate, Noah Kool while hosting a final rally at Kundiawa town this afternoon was thrown stones at.

Reports on ground say, he was stoned by supporters of rival candidate, John Kerenga Gugl.

He was taken to the hospital and treated for minor abrasions and lacerations to the head.

Police confirmed that the confrontation started between supporters of the two candidates.

Provincial Election Manager, Reverend Tom Sine said both candidates were taken to the Police Station and resolved the issue.

PNG Civil Registry opens office in Chimbu

The office was commissioned by the Registrar General of Papua New Guinea, Dickson Kiragi and was officiated by Simbu Governor, Noah Kool, Provincial Administrator Joe Kunda and other senior officers from the provincial administration.

During the commissioning of this office Otto Sine was appointed as Provincial Registrar and is responsible for signing of certificates within the Chimbu Province.