Renewable energy

Renewable energy to transform Daru

The PNG Sustainable Development Program (PNGSDP) Chief Executive Officer Lesieli Taviri, made this known at the pre-conference session of the 17th PNG Resources and Energy Investment Conference on Sunday afternoon in Sydney.

Speaking at the Sydney International Convention Centre, Taviri highlighted the longstanding power issues affecting PNG, saying Daru continues to suffer from the lack of a reliable grid power.

New study brings us closer to solar space farms

But new research from the U.K., along with the development of ultra-lightweight solar cells made of cadmium telluride, is generating new hope that solar panel farms in space could be closer to becoming a reality than ever before. 

Between the increasing power needs of spacecraft payloads and the Earth's own accelerated need for zero-carbon electricity, calls have grown louder for new ways to capture and use solar power both in space and on Earth. 

FFI Inks Deal With PNG

Fortescue Future Industries Ltd and PNG yesterday, Friday 5th of November, 2021 signed a Master Development Agreement (MDA) that will enable FFI to undertake feasibility studies to develop up to seven hydropower projects and 11 geothermal energy projects in PNG.

Wallis wants all renewable energy by 2050

This was announced after talks with a visiting senior French government official Sebastien Lecornu who said Wallis and Futuna wants to be at the forefront.

Mr Lecornu, who is the secretary of state for technological transition, says 90 percent of electricity is being produced with fossil fuels but that will drop to 50 percent by 2030.

He says a new economic model will be drawn up in broad discussions to provide a development partnership between the state and private sides.



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Renewable energy proposal for Pom

The Climate Change and Development Authority (CCDA) and accredited entity to the GCF, Asian Development Bank, are developing the proposal.

The renewable energy project could be a combination of solar, both terrestrial and rooftops, and wind, with several potential sites under study.

CCDA/ADB consultant Dennis Fenton said renewable energy has the potential to displace diesel.

Fenton said with currently 50 percent of energy used in Moresby coming from diesel, renewable energy is good for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Finalising five Green Climate Fund proposals

This was revealed today in a workshop aimed to develop a GCF Pipeline for transport and energy sectors.

The workshop was facilitated by the Climate Change and Development Authority (CCDA) in partnership with the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

The five project proposals are ‘Investing in renewable energy for Port Moresby’, ‘Achieving carbon neutrality at the University of PNG’, ‘Investing in solar power in PNG major cities,’ ‘Developing and investing in a pilot geothermal plant’ and ‘Developing and investing in a pilot hydropower plant’.

ADB supports energy reform, clean and renewable energy in Pacific

The Pacific Energy Update 2017 provides a comprehensive overview of ADB’s energy-focused work in the Pacific. The publication highlights the impacts of ADB-supported energy initiatives completed in 2016 and ongoing in 2017, while providing details of what ADB hopes to achieve in the energy sector in the future.

Cooks Govt hopes to increase renewable energy for Rarotonga

The Green Climate Fund, a United Nations fund to help developing countries adapt to climate change, has granted the Cook Islands US$12 million to expand the main island's energy grid.

The announcement is the first of a series of projects, which will be led by the Asia Development Bank, to expand renewable energy around the Pacific.

The Chief of Staff of the Prime Minister's office, Elizabeth Wright-Koteka, said the current grid cannot handle the current uptake of renewable energy, and the expansion will help solve that.

New office to promote renewable energy

Under the NEA, both renewable and non-renewable energy sources will be given focus by boosting infrastructure and capacity to advance electrification.

Acting director of regulations & licensing at the Department of Petroleum and Energy, Martin Bonou, says according to their current plans, the NEA is to be established next year and become operational before APEC 2018.