Port Moresby Nature Park

Huge turnout at Nature Park

Gala celebrated World Ice Cream Day at the Port Moresby Nature Park, where all proceeds would go to the park’s wildlife appeal, which was launched early last month.

Children started entering the park as early as 10am, where they had a number of bouncy castles to choose from as well as an entire day filled with games and of course, ice-cream.

Nature park’s CEO, Michelle McGeorge, was overwhelmed with the support from the community.

K20,000 for ‘Wildlife Appeal’

WCS Country Director to Papua New Guinea, Dr. Ambroise Brenier, said: “Port Moresby Nature Park, Papua New Guinea’s highest visited single recreational facility, is doing a fantastic job in promoting and supporting the conservation of the country’s unique biodiversity.

Trash to Treasure Sculpture Festival launched

The aim of the festival is to raise awareness on the growing issue of waste, in particular plastic pollution, to encourage the public to rethink their rubbish and how much each of us create.

The event showcases solid waste that has been turned into aesthetically powerful larger than life sculptures to demonstrate the type and amount of trash that is created in Port Moresby and challenge the repurpose of items that would ordinarily be thrown away.

British High Commission commits K50,000 to Nature Park

The Port Moresby Nature Park officially launched its ‘Trees for Life - Schools Tree Planting Project’ at the Gerehu Secondary School early this year with the aim of supporting NCDC’s schools to increase the number of trees in their schools, enhancing shade for students and classrooms, and supporting NCDC Governor Powes Parkop’s ‘One Million Trees’ Campaign to make Port Moresby a greener city in the fight against global warming.  

Nature Park celebrates 8th anniversary

CEO Michelle McGeorge said eight years on and they are more focused on their vision and mission in protecting PNG’s biodiversity.

“We are extremely proud of the work we do in connecting people and nature through recreation, education and conservation,” she said.

“This of course comes with the backing and support that we receive from our major partners, our many sponsors and of course the visitors who come to the park.

Urgent ‘Wildlife Appeal’ launched

This is to help the struggling park with the costs to feed and look after the wildlife in its care.

Though staff at the Port Moresby Nature Park have tried to remain optimistic throughout the last few months of the COVID-19 pandemic, the dramatic decrease in visitation has put exceptional financial pressure on the organisation.

CEO Michelle McGeorge says they have no option but to ask people and businesses for help.

The park cares for over 550 native animals, many of whom are threatened with extinction.

A message from nature

The UNDP resident representative, Dirk Wagener, highlighted the World Environment Day 2020 theme, which is ‘Time for Nature’.

Speaking at the launch of UNDP’s K175,000 grant to the Port Moresby Nature Park, Wagener said it is about time we slow down and listen to nature.

“One of the things we have been doing, unfortunately as humans, we have been more and more encroaching on wildlife and on areas which should be reserved for the flora and fauna of this unique country,” he said.

Nature park's landmark breeding of magnificent riflebird

The magnificent riflebird is now a month old and has sparked excitement and renewed passion within the Nature Park’s Wildlife Department. The riflebird chick spent the first weeks of its life with another chick, a rescued pheasant coucal which was found on the ground and surrendered to the park by a member of the public.                                                                                                                        

Park launches pre-paid ticket service

The tickets have a validity of four months from the date of purchase.

The pre-paid tickets service is one of the park’s special Christmas promotions for the season.

“Pre-paid tickets are a wonderful opportunity for organisations to buy admission tickets for their staff and families as they can be given as rewards or incentives, particularly at Christmas time,” said Nature Park’s Commercial Operations General Manager, Sree Vythalingam.

Currently the park has decorated the grounds with colourful Christmas displays to get everyone into the Christmas cheer.

Wildlife training at Nature Park

This animal training enables the wildlife team to carry out regular weighing and treatments on wildlife without having to do any evasive capture or restraining of the animals that would cause them discomfort.

Every day for five minutes, wildlife keepers work patiently with the tree kangaroos and birds. By using clicks, verbal cues and treats, the animals calmly move onto the scale for weighing and general checks.