Port Moresby Nature Park

Urgent ‘Wildlife Appeal’ launched

This is to help the struggling park with the costs to feed and look after the wildlife in its care.

Though staff at the Port Moresby Nature Park have tried to remain optimistic throughout the last few months of the COVID-19 pandemic, the dramatic decrease in visitation has put exceptional financial pressure on the organisation.

CEO Michelle McGeorge says they have no option but to ask people and businesses for help.

The park cares for over 550 native animals, many of whom are threatened with extinction.

A message from nature

The UNDP resident representative, Dirk Wagener, highlighted the World Environment Day 2020 theme, which is ‘Time for Nature’.

Speaking at the launch of UNDP’s K175,000 grant to the Port Moresby Nature Park, Wagener said it is about time we slow down and listen to nature.

“One of the things we have been doing, unfortunately as humans, we have been more and more encroaching on wildlife and on areas which should be reserved for the flora and fauna of this unique country,” he said.

Nature park's landmark breeding of magnificent riflebird

The magnificent riflebird is now a month old and has sparked excitement and renewed passion within the Nature Park’s Wildlife Department. The riflebird chick spent the first weeks of its life with another chick, a rescued pheasant coucal which was found on the ground and surrendered to the park by a member of the public.                                                                                                                        

Park launches pre-paid ticket service

The tickets have a validity of four months from the date of purchase.

The pre-paid tickets service is one of the park’s special Christmas promotions for the season.

“Pre-paid tickets are a wonderful opportunity for organisations to buy admission tickets for their staff and families as they can be given as rewards or incentives, particularly at Christmas time,” said Nature Park’s Commercial Operations General Manager, Sree Vythalingam.

Currently the park has decorated the grounds with colourful Christmas displays to get everyone into the Christmas cheer.

Wildlife training at Nature Park

This animal training enables the wildlife team to carry out regular weighing and treatments on wildlife without having to do any evasive capture or restraining of the animals that would cause them discomfort.

Every day for five minutes, wildlife keepers work patiently with the tree kangaroos and birds. By using clicks, verbal cues and treats, the animals calmly move onto the scale for weighing and general checks.

Nature Park reopens

This follows the orders of the National Court on the morning of November 19th.

On the Park’s reopening, Port Moresby Nature Park’s General Manager, Michelle McGeorge, said: “On behalf of staff and management, I want to thank the community for their outpouring of support towards the Nature Park.

Nature Park clarifies indefinite closure

In a statement, the Park said the matter is between the Department of Lands, the National Capital District Commission (NCDC) and University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG).

“NCDC has managed and funded the site since 1993 (formerly as the Botanical Gardens and now Port Moresby Nature Park), investing tens of millions of Kina in this time to ensure that throughout the space has remained opened for the public.

“The Port Moresby Nature Park remains committed to NCDC and its goal of securing recreational spaces and activities that improves the lives of its citizens.

Serious frog business

The project is a collaborative effort with the park’s sister zoo, Zoos Victoria, multiple international researchers, universities both local and international, Government and local partners and will enable entirely new research opportunities for university post-graduate students and researchers.

Port Moresby Nature Park’s Wildlife Department have worked closely with Zoos Victoria’s Amphibian Specialist, Mr Damien Goodall, to carry out the first stage of the project by setting up the frog enclosures required to correctly house the frogs.

PNG’s international leading wildlife park

This confirms the Park as an international leading wildlife park.

These were the remarks by Port Moresby Nature Park’s General Manager, Michelle McGeorge, at the acknowledgement and thank you breakfast hosted by the Park for its sponsors, donors and partners and all that the park has been able to achieve through their support.

In attendance was President of the World Association of Zoos and CEO of Zoos Victoria, Dr Jenny Gray, who emphasised the significant role that zoos play in the conservation of wildlife and the natural environment.

Nature Park thanks sponsors

Held on October 25th, General Manager, Michelle McGeorge, said: “Today is about acknowledging the support and commitment of NCDC and our many, many wonderful sponsors, donors and partners and what we have achieved through your support.

“I also want to take this opportunity to share with you our future… our 10 year vision to where our organisation will be in 2030. We have always dared to dream big... and my word, we have achieved big.”