Port Moresby Nature Park

Meet Jivix Yariki

Born to parents Andrew and Amo Yariki, from Kainantu in the Eastern Highlands Province, 27-year-old Jivix is the only child who’s humble and has a strong personal drive to achieve his dreams in the field of horticulture.

Port Moresby Nature Park recruited Jivix as a Nursery worker on 15 January 2020. His love for learning and enthusiasm in his work has seen him take on additional roles within the Grounds team with the much deserved recognition of earning a Staff Excellence Award this month for his consistent efforts.

Kids for Conservation

Registration fee is only K40 per participant between the ages of 6 – 13 years old and includes a healthy snack for brunch with lots of fun outdoor learning. An award certificate will be presented to participants upon completion of the program.

Due to COVID-19 measures observed by the Nature Park, class sizes are reduced to 20 students per session, where 80 students are expected to participate over the four days program.

Park sows Kwila

Scientifically named Intsia bijuga or ‘Kwila’ as commonly known, is a tree variety that is common in most lowland parts of Papua New Guinea, especially East and West Sepik Provinces. It takes about 20 – 40 years for a Kwila tree to reach full maturity when it can be harvested for use in furniture, general house building and/or carving as it is very durable and is naturally a termite-resistant wood.

Park Rewards Visitors

The Nature Park’s current promotion connects people to wildlife through a ‘Locate & Win’ Selfie Sticker challenge, which is COVID-19 Safe and self-directed.

There are four exclusive wildlife stickers placed in various locations around the Park for visitors to locate and take ‘selfies’ with in order to participate in the promotion. Participants are required to upload their ‘4 Selfies’ in front of the wildlife stickers onto Port Moresby Nature Park’s Facebook Page, tagging as many friends as they can.

Zoo Educators Day Marked

Some very passionate young people play exciting and varied roles. Zoo Educators give public talks, host fun activities, school education sessions, holiday activities and even other educational competitions as well!

The Park’s team of zoo educators are great at creating educational materials for a variety of age groups that visit the Park all year round. They use the surroundings of the park to connect children and visitors to the wildlife and flora.

Park, EMPNG Builds Unique Partnership

It extends beyond a mere funding to one of genuine commitment by EMPNG to seeing the Park reach its full potential for the benefit of the community and for the preservation of PNG's amazing and diverse biodiversity.

Port Moresby Nature Park’s Chief Executive Officer, Michelle McGeorge, recently acknowledged its longest running partner ExxonMobil PNG for its support as one of its major sponsors.

Park supports youth project

Each participating country was given specific focus areas to highlight within 10 minutes via a Zoom conference and sure enough, on top of the list for favourite tourist sites was Port Moresby Nature Park.

To express the Park’s gratitude and support for the Lasallian team, the youth volunteers and their teacher Murray Misha, were given a tour of the Park with each team member receiving a Free Entry Pass from the Park’s Education Team.

Successful hatch: Blue-winged kookaburra

In a statement, the Park said: “Not everything goes to plan at the Nature Park and this was the case with our resident pair of Blue-winged Kookaburras.

“After laying their eggs in a hollow log on the ground, we normally allow the parent to incubate and raise their offspring but unfortunately with the heavy rains one of the eggs was damaged and it was decided to remove the last remaining egg.”

It is good thing that Port Moresby Nature Park is equipped to care for the fertile eggs and artificially incubate them.

More Green Spaces

In supporting this global call for a carbon-free World, starting with the nation’s capital, Port Moresby Nature Park’s nursery houses hundreds of tree seedlings, ready for planting.

The Park through its Trees4Life initiative supports the nation’s capital by supplying tree seedlings, creating more green spaces for residents to enjoy in the future. Since 2020, the Park has provided over 10,000 tree seedlings for planting around the city.

La Salle Class Awarded

The Park’s Education team took to several schools, presenting the Top Explorer and Champion Explorer Awards for schools who repeatedly visited the Park for its school excursion programs.

One such school was La Salle Technical College’s Year 10 students, also undertaking Tourism & Hospitality studies who had visited the Park for practical lessons in July and August this year.

On hand to receive the class certificate award was teacher, Dorothy Edipau who was equally excited and surprised to receive the class award.