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Turi: Police warned not to take mobile phones or property

And people have the right to report such incidences which amounts to stealing under the law.

Even under the guise of searching for porn, police do not need to forcefully remove phones.

This is stealing, according to NCD Metropolitan police commander Ben Turi.

However he says if the phone is used to produce and distribute porn, police can confiscate for purposes of court exhinits.

Asian man in police uniform warned

PPC Asi clarified this after PNG Loop was alerted by a reader who posted the query on our FB page.

Asi says the man, a second generation Asian retailer in the area was summoned to his office on October 31st last year.

The Moreguina station commander Philip Bayo was tasked to bring in the man named Ling.

The man complied and said he was a reservist but this was disputed because he did not have the documents to proce it.

Baki aims to instil new policing protocol

  Police Commissioner Gari Baki in his Christmas message said his priority now is to restore public trust and confidence in the hearts and minds of our people, and encourage them to be partners with the Constabulary in the fight against crime.

Capital police avoid media queries on clash with soldiers

Several attempts to gain access to the Boroko Police station for information were met with silence.

LOOP PNG’s story was viewed by over 5,500 people by 4:30pm on the website.

The LOOP facebook page however reached over 19,000 people and 90 shares around the same time.

Papua New Guineans expressed mixed reaction, some called it “shameful” and others questioned the recruitment requirements of the Defence Force.

Police and Army clash in the city

Fuel Attendants at the Service Station said two (2) police vehicles, a Dyna and a CRV belonging to Police had come to refuel when members of the Defence Force believed to be from Taurama Barracks pulled-in in a Coaster Bus and an open-back Land Cruiser and started attacking occupants of the 2 Police Vehicles.

Unconfirmed reports from eye-witnesses tell LOOP PNG the soldiers were retaliating to an incident last night where Police assaulted 2 members of the Defence force.

It could not be confirmed if the members of the Defence Force were wounded, fatally or otherwise.

Police Commissioner Baki calls for self-discipline

He made this remark on Tuesday at the Bomana Police College outside Port Moresby during his address to 286 new police recruits.

He said the police force is one of the oldest organizations in PNG and prides itself on discipline, but “senior officers and non-commissioned officers (NCOs) are not maintaining the pride and discipline’’ that the members are taught at the Bomana Police College.

“Policing is not just a job, it’s a noble profession,” Commissioner Baki told the recruits.

Review ruling for Eluh/Gitua tomorrow (Nov 10)

Eluh is the Assistant Police Commissioner (Crimes) while Gitua is the Assistant Director for the National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate.

Both men had their termination stayed by the National Court on October 8 pending the outcome of this review.

Leave was granted on October 30 by Acting Judge Leka Nablu for a judicial review.

Police boss condemns soldiers’ attack on policemen

About 10 soldiers in civilian clothes arrived in a Toyota Land Cruiser ute, bearing the registration plate BER 058 and stormed into the Waigani police station and assaulted two duty policemen.


DCP (operations chief) Andrews said the policemen sustained serious injuries on their head and limbs, were treated and released from the Port Moresby General Hospital last night.


He said the soldiers, apparently frustrated over delays by police to settle a feud between members of the two forces, had decided to take matters into their own hands.


One policeman nursing head injuries from Waigani clash with soldiers

A second policeman remains in hospital.

Waigani Police station Commander Micha Yosman said he is being monitored for head injuries.

Waigani market Burns as soldiers and police fight

Police station Commander Micha Yosman told PNG Loop that the fire was a result of crowds reacting to an attack by police at his station by a group of soldiers.

Yosman said ten soldiers fronted up in civilian clothes in an unmarked ten seater.