Turi: Police warned not to take mobile phones or property

Police cannot remove mobile phones or other personal property from people during a search.

And people have the right to report such incidences which amounts to stealing under the law.

Even under the guise of searching for porn, police do not need to forcefully remove phones.

This is stealing, according to NCD Metropolitan police commander Ben Turi.

However he says if the phone is used to produce and distribute porn, police can confiscate for purposes of court exhinits.

Turi says that people who watch porn for private consumption do so on their own accord and should not be victimised by police officers who search  cars and houses and then steal their phones or other stuff.

He says while there are good officers out there he is working with his command to change the thug image that seems to be the case for police personnel now in Port Moresby.

Julianna Waeda