Police Commissioner Baki calls for self-discipline

Police Commissioner Gari Baki stressed the need for police to be self-disciplined, saying that discipline is the key to everything

He made this remark on Tuesday at the Bomana Police College outside Port Moresby during his address to 286 new police recruits.

He said the police force is one of the oldest organizations in PNG and prides itself on discipline, but “senior officers and non-commissioned officers (NCOs) are not maintaining the pride and discipline’’ that the members are taught at the Bomana Police College.

“Policing is not just a job, it’s a noble profession,” Commissioner Baki told the recruits.

He said that the onus was now on individual officers to take on the training and the discipline the college would give them and practise and maintain it when they go out of the college.

The intake of 286  is the largest the college has taken in over the last five years.

Commissioner Baki challenged the recruits that he wanted to see all 286 recruits at the passing out parade next May.

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