Assault cases involving women on rise

Magistrate Laura Kuvi today said the number of women appearing in court for assault cases in relation to affairs is on the rise.

Her comments today comes after Magistrate Mariestella Painap also raised the same sentiments last Thursday when handing down the sentence against a woman who assaulted another woman on assumptions she was having an affair with her husband.

Magistrate Kuvi said the Boroko District Court sees up to 10 unlawful assault cases a day, all related to fights between women over affairs.  

Magistrate concerned over cases of fights

A magistrate who had been dealing with those cases today said in court that people don’t realise their actions until they are arrested or sent to Bomana.

Magistrate Mariestella Painap said most women do not think of their children’s welfare when they fight over their husbands with other women.

“Fights over men, women every day I see and hear those cases every day and I am tired of fight cases coming to court. We are not fighting over good things,” she said in court when sentencing a woman today.

Police boss condemns soldiers’ attack on policemen

About 10 soldiers in civilian clothes arrived in a Toyota Land Cruiser ute, bearing the registration plate BER 058 and stormed into the Waigani police station and assaulted two duty policemen.


DCP (operations chief) Andrews said the policemen sustained serious injuries on their head and limbs, were treated and released from the Port Moresby General Hospital last night.


He said the soldiers, apparently frustrated over delays by police to settle a feud between members of the two forces, had decided to take matters into their own hands.


Western situation calmed

However, police report that the area has been calm since fighting started on Sunday (11th October) when two clans fought over land disagreements.

There have been numerous talks between the villagers and police in relation to the destruction of six homes following the fights.

There have  been two injuries with one fatality reported, as well as three suspects who were arrested on Tuesday (13th October) in relation to them leading the attack that led to the fight.