Western police

Western police begin operational briefs

Provincial police commander, Superintendent Tep Puri told PNG Loop he is settling well in his duties in the province.

Puri also commended the efforts of his personnel on ground and says these meetings will ensure a registry of all available logistics is done up.

From this registry Puri will get a general idea of what is needed in terms of logistics vital in the province.

The initial briefs are set to start this week.

PPC Puri tells is yet to visit the provinces police out posts to familiarise himself with the manpower and area of operations.

Western situation calmed

However, police report that the area has been calm since fighting started on Sunday (11th October) when two clans fought over land disagreements.

There have been numerous talks between the villagers and police in relation to the destruction of six homes following the fights.

There have  been two injuries with one fatality reported, as well as three suspects who were arrested on Tuesday (13th October) in relation to them leading the attack that led to the fight.

Western police report drop in drunken driver numbers

So far since the 26th of September, police have arrested 6 drivers for driving under the influence of alcohol, 5 passengers for drinking in a moving vehicle and 4 cars have been issued traffic Infringement notices (T.I.N) for being unroadworthy.

Police attribute this decrease to the increase in road checks in and out of the provincial areas.

Meantime a PMV bus was involved in an accident on Friday (October 17th) when the driver was speeding and flipped the car on the side of the road.

Western reports drug arrests

The suspect 34 from Malalaua was picked up by a patrol unit on Friday the 9th of October after they received a tip off.

The suspect was found with K900 worth of marijuana and was alleged to have travelled into Daru to meet up with traders in the area.

The man has been charged and is  now behind bars.

In another drug bust, a mother of two aged 27 from the Daru area was also apprehended with about 10kg of marijuana on Wednesday the 7th of October.