Boroko District Court

Man Faces Drug, Weapons Charges

The matter was adjourned from last month for the defendant to get a lawyer to represent him in this matter.

Sean Honey, General Manager of BSA Constructions appeared for six charges laid against him, two counts for possession of pistol, four counts of live ammunitions and possession of Dangerous Drug (Marijuana).

He appeared in court with his lawyer, Greg Sheppard from Young and William Lawyers.

Magistrate, Seth Tanei said the adjournment was for Honey to find a lawyer of his choice on the basis that the state witnesses are ready for trial.

Aviation charge against Cangah withdrawn

The Boroko  District Court has withdrawn the charge of threatening a member of the crew of an aircraft, under section 262 of the Civil Aviation Act, against the defendant, Brenda Cangah.

Cangah of Wara Kum, Hagen Central in the Western Highlands Province, was arrested on Oct 10 last year and charged with unlawful assault under section 6(3) of the Summary Offense Act. She was also charged with threatening a member of the crew of an aircraft, under section 262 of the Civil Aviation Act.

Police prosecution fails in prosecuting refugee’s drug case

Police prosecution withdrew the case because no search warrant was used to search the motel room of Movafagh.

Police prosecution moved an application on Tuesday before Magistrate Alex Kala to have the case withdrawn and the court allowed it.

Movafagh told the court on February 14 that he did not give permission or ask the motel stuff to clean his room and “search his personal items.”

He made this defense before Magistrate Kalandi after his charge was read in court.

Bail allowed for Sawari

Magistrate Alex Kalandi granted bail to the defendant after he spent five nights in remand at the Bomana Correctional Institute.

His lawyer Loani Henao is now arranging payment of bail to be paid before his client can be released from the District Court precinct.

His guarantor Father Francis Xavier of the St Joseph’s parish will pay a fee of K500. He has been ordered to make sure Sawari complies to all his bail conditions. He will also accomodate Sawari in Port Moresby until his case is fully dealt by the court.

Public servant in pornography case fined

The items were found on his phone by his wife who placed a complaint with police.

The 58-year-old man (identity withheld) was sentenced to three months in jail on Tuesday, however that sentence was suspended.

 He was instead fined K700. The man was initially released on a K1000 police bail after he was arrested last year.

The court ordered that his penalty fine be deducted from the K1000 bail monies he paid earlier. He will be refunded K300 while the remaining will be retained to pay for the fine.

Deported refugee bail application adjourned to Friday

Loghman Sawari appeared at the Boroko District Court today with his lawyer before Magistrate Alex Kalandi.

His bail application which was filed and served on police prosecution late on Wednesday afternoon was adjourned to Friday because prosecution was not ready to respond to the application.

Prosecution indicated they are opposing bail and will need time to file a proper response for the court’s consideration.

Bring client to court, lawyer told

Magistrate Alex Kalandi told the lawyer representing Anita Ting Mee Siong to bring her to court when the matter next returns for mention on Feb 6.

The 34-year-old from Sibu, Sarawak city, Malaysia has not appeared in court since her arrest on Dec 12 and 23 respectively. Her case has been listed for mention four times since her arrest.

Siong’s lawyer was present in court for the first time today but without the defendant. She is expected to be charged by police this week with an additional charge.

No show at court by Malay woman

Anita Ting Mee Siong’s name was listed and called at the Boroko District Court on Monday and Wednesday this week by police however, she was not present. Her cases are being stood over to next week Monday in the hope she will turn up.

She was a person of interest to police when she was picked up on Dec 10, 2016 by the Police Dog unit and taken to the Airport Immigration office. She was questioned in relation to her alleged illicit drug activities and for overstaying her visa.

Plane ‘cat-fight’ case adjourned

The defendant and her lawyer appeared before Magistrate Laura Kuvi on Tuesday for mention, where issues of the Summary Offense court’s jurisdiction were raised.

Police Prosecution indicated in court that one of the two charges that the woman was facing was beyond the jurisdiction of the Summary Offense court.

The woman, Brenda Cangah, was charged with unlawful assault, under section 63 of the Summary Offense Act.

Porn case ruling today

The 58-year-old man (name withheld) from New Ireland province appeared in court on Monday. However, his case was adjourned to Tuesday because the police prosecutor handling his case was not present in court.

Magistrate Alex Kalandi, in adjourning the case, told the defendant yesterday that his ruling on verdict was ready to be delivered.

The defendant was arrested on Oct 21, 2016, and charged with being in possession of pornographic articles.