Magistrate concerned over cases of fights

A long list of unlawful assault cases, as a result of fights amongst women over men and vice versa, are being heard every day at the Court of Summary Offenses at the Boroko District Court.

A magistrate who had been dealing with those cases today said in court that people don’t realise their actions until they are arrested or sent to Bomana.

Magistrate Mariestella Painap said most women do not think of their children’s welfare when they fight over their husbands with other women.

“Fights over men, women every day I see and hear those cases every day and I am tired of fight cases coming to court. We are not fighting over good things,” she said in court when sentencing a woman today.

“Now you are here, your husband who you both fought over is ok, and you have to deal with coming to court,” she told Margreth John.

John was sentenced to three months in prison today for unlawfully assaulting a Maggie Maurature on assumptions she was seeing her husband.

That sentence was suspended after the court took into consideration the welfare of her two children.

“I will suspend the three-month sentence and put you on six months’ good behaviour bond. You are not to go near the woman, her house or her office.

“You are not to provoke, fight, swear or threaten her within the six months. If you do and she comes back to court, you will be imprisoned,” Magistrate Painap warned John.

A total of 16 unlawful assault cases were listed and were heard at the Boroko District Court today.

Sally Pokiton