Asian man in police uniform warned

Central police commander Laimo Asi says that the Chinese man pictured wearing police uniform and serving customers at his supermarket at Moreguina station, has been warned to stop impersonating police.

PPC Asi clarified this after PNG Loop was alerted by a reader who posted the query on our FB page.

Asi says the man, a second generation Asian retailer in the area was summoned to his office on October 31st last year.

The Moreguina station commander Philip Bayo was tasked to bring in the man named Ling.

The man complied and said he was a reservist but this was disputed because he did not have the documents to proce it.

All he could produce was a signed police letter of commendation from previous commanders who expressed gratitude for the man helping police in the area with food logistics and support.

Asi said the fact that the previous commanders allowed for the man to have a uniform to wear was wrong.

Ling has been warned with instructions for the uniform to be taken away from him.

Julianna Waeda