Opposition Leader Don Polye

Polye mourns passing of journalist

Polye says he was shocked to learn of his passing last Friday.

“As a fellow Huli-Opene, I broke into tears when the news of his death reached me. He is full of humour,” says the Opposition Leader.

“We used to make fun together when he attended my media conferences.”

Polye says it was rare for someone from Hela Province to become a journalist.

Alphonse had inspired many readers with his style of reporting, without fear or favour, on many issues affecting the country.

APEC summit will be cancelled if Opposition forms government

The leader of the country’s alternative government gave the Opposition’s stand during grievance debate in Parliament on Friday.

“If the people give the Opposition mandate to be in government after the elections, the Opposition will definitely cancel the APEC meeting,” Polye said, as shouting erupted from both sides of the House.  

“I would like to inform our very valid friends and the 21 members of APEC, that is the position of Opposition in hosting the APEC,” said Polye.

Review of the Week: Cost of hosting the APEC Summit

When Parliament rose, Opposition Leader Don Polye was quick to take the National Government to task regarding the exact cost of hosting the APEC summit in Port Moresby.

Tkatchenko, last week on TVWan’s ‘Nau’ talkback program, said Papua New Guinea will spend K600 million to host the summit.

On Wednesday East New Britain Governor Ereman ToBaining Jnr asked Tkatchenko to explain the total cost that will be involved to host the APEC Summit in 2018.

Opposition: Cancel APEC summit, save PNG economy

Leader Don Polye says: “Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and his government should swallow their pride and cancel hosting it.

“Our economy is in a crisis. Hosting it will only worsen the current cash-flow stricken economy as its costs will not be at K120 million as announced, but will run into billions of Kina,” warned Polye.

He has called on the Prime Minister and his Minister for National Events to make a list of measurable benefits the country will reap from hosting the event.

Polye calls Government ‘economy illiterate leaders’

He made the statement after being heckled by the Government caucus when questioning Prime Minister Peter O’Neill on the financing of APEC 2018 in PNG.

Polye asked O’Neill on the actual figure the Government was spending on the APEC Summit and was moving to his second question when the government coalition interjected with comments and boos.

“Shut up and listen!” shouted Polye.

He further stated: “You don’t understand the economy, you listen. You economy illiterate leaders in this house.”

MPs accuse each other of lying

Works Minister Francis Awesa and Opposition Leader Don Polye, and his Deputy, Sam Basil, exchanged accusations after Lae MP Loujaya Kouza queried the criteria used to award K89 million to the Alotau-East Cape road.

She believes the outstanding roads in Morobe Province, namely the Bulolo-Menyamya and the Bumayong-Unitech and Milford Haven roads, should have been considered instead.

Awesa said the criteria of awarding road funding lies with the World Bank as they are providing the loan.

Polye assures PM of Opposition’s maturity

His remarks follow PM Peter O’Neill’s call on the Opposition to show maturity and try not to politicise important national events, especially APEC 2018.

O’Neill made the comments after Opposition member, Northern Governor Gary Juffa, stated that the K600 million earmarked for APEC can be used to fund crucial government services.

However, Polye guarantees the PM that they understand the issues well.

He said O’Neill should not overlook the real issues under the guise of international events.

Electoral Commission to advise Court of ballot box theft

The boxes contain the 2012 National Election votes for Kandep Open Electorate.      

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato told Loop PNG that “(the) matter is in Court so our lawyers will go back to inform the Court”.

Enga Provincial Police Commander George Kakas confirmed the theft and said police investigators are trying to “establish the motive”.

Give credit where it is due, Polye tells Govt

Speaking to a huge crowd in Jimi, Jiwaka Province, last Friday, Opposition Leader Don Polye says the former government was denied acknowledgement on the foundation work laid for PNG’s major infrastructure developments.

He outlined that the following work realised were the result of his strategies;

Polye will address court on standing in UBS case

A hearing date for the application on standing, or right, was set by the Supreme Court this morning for Oct 28.

Polye, as the applicant, was directed by the Court today to prepare, file and serve application books in accordance to the index book which was endorsed by the Supreme Court today.

Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia told parties to file extracts of their arguments by Monday, Oct 24, before the hearing takes place next Friday.