PM Peter O’Neill

NIP govt to manage province’s TFF policy

A memorandum of agreement (MOA) was signed with the National Government on Friday (March 16) afternoon.

Education Minister Nick Kuman said New Ireland is the second province, apart from Enga, to be given these functions.

“This is because it has the capacity and prudent management systems to be able to deliver the TFF Policy at the sub-national level,” stated Kuman.

Polye assures PM of Opposition’s maturity

His remarks follow PM Peter O’Neill’s call on the Opposition to show maturity and try not to politicise important national events, especially APEC 2018.

O’Neill made the comments after Opposition member, Northern Governor Gary Juffa, stated that the K600 million earmarked for APEC can be used to fund crucial government services.

However, Polye guarantees the PM that they understand the issues well.

He said O’Neill should not overlook the real issues under the guise of international events.