APEC venues will be utilised: Minister

The National Museum and Arts Gallery, which was refurbished by the Australian government, will be used for revolving exhibition and other tourism-related activities.

The summit left Port Moresby iconic facilities, including the APEC Haus, which can hold up to 1,000 people.

Minister responsible said all venues will be utilised for department meetings and other events to assist cut down cost of hosting events in hotels.

“One thing that is important is that it must be utilised for everybody’s benefit and not become a big white elephant,” Minister Tkatchenko said.

Newest landmark building complete

It will be opened on October 18th by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

“O’Neill approached Jim Fitzpatrick Architects (JFA) in October 2016, to design an iconic building specifically for the APEC summit meetings to be held in Port Moresby in November this year,” said JFA in a statement.

The building, named APEC Haus, needed to provide the PNG Government with a notable facility of international standard, to host the world leaders from 21 of the largest economies as they gather to promote free trade throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

APEC Haus to be completed in July: Contractor

The gas exploring giant, Oil Search, has injected K120 million (US$37 million) from its tax credit scheme with the assistance from the PNG Government to fund the project.

The APEC Haus is perched over the sea like Sydney’s Opera House, and will be the only one to rival Parliament House with a traditional-oriented design.

The APEC Haus will be used as a world-class standard museum after the APEC Summit in November 2018.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said the museum will help Papua New Guinea children know the history of the country and other neighbouring nations.


APEC Haus construction on track

The building is expected to be complete by June next year.

The APEC security partners’ working group was given the opportunity to tour the Lagatoi APEC Haus on Tuesday (Oct 31) afternoon.

They are trying to ensure the upcoming 2018 APEC meetings are held in a secure and safe environment.

APEC Minister Justin Tkatchenko, along with the security working group, are anticipating a low threat environment come 2018.

At the centre of global attention will be the iconic APEC Haus, which is currently under construction.

Stabilization work begins for APEC Haus

Minister for Sports, National Events and APEC, Justin Tkatcnehnko visited the APEC Haus construction site on Friday and announced the start of piling work.

Piling involves the drilling and simultaneous placement of concrete to ensure stability.

CPB Contractors Project Engineer, Denmark Gimisive, says the piling work is an additional foundation to stabilize the area for the construction work to begin.

APEC Haus to be a world class museum

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill made the announcement today at the 2017 Leader’s Summit in Port Moresby.

He said the museum will help Papua New Guinea children know the history of the country and other neighboring countries.

The construction of the APEC Haus had begun on the reclaimed land at Ela Beach.

It is being undertaken by Oil Search Ltd through a tax credit scheme approved by the National Executive Council.

O’ Neill said the building will be the focus for global attention during APEC, and will be a national icon that will be used by generations to come.

PM uses latest technology to view APEC Haus

Visiting the Conrad Gargett architect’s office in Brisbane today, PM O’Neill used a VR headset that creates a computer-generated building around the user, so that it feels like they are inside the actual building.

Polye assures PM of Opposition’s maturity

His remarks follow PM Peter O’Neill’s call on the Opposition to show maturity and try not to politicise important national events, especially APEC 2018.

O’Neill made the comments after Opposition member, Northern Governor Gary Juffa, stated that the K600 million earmarked for APEC can be used to fund crucial government services.

However, Polye guarantees the PM that they understand the issues well.

He said O’Neill should not overlook the real issues under the guise of international events.