Opposition Leader Don Polye

Govt urged to invest more in tertiary institutions

Opposition Leader Don Polye called on the Government to focus on upgrading the universities as they educate the human resource of the country.

Polye highlighted that more funding should also be given to the technical and vocational schools as they develop the skills of Papua New Guineans.

The business, nursing and teachers colleges must also be given priority.

Polye explained that when these areas are overlooked and not properly funded, it becomes a chronic problem.

Opposition calls for increase in police training colleges

Opposition Leader Don Polye said there should be four regional training colleges established for the Royal PNG Constabulary.

The RPNGC has only one training college located at Bomana just outside Port Moresby.

Polye said there needs to be real upgrading and revamping of the police force in the country as this is a vital need.

“I would like to see more training colleges established for the police.

“Training should not only be for six months but should be a minimum of 12 months in which they’re properly trained,” Polye said.

Government must fund UPNG: Polye

The leader of the alternative government commented after UPNG University Council reached a decision to increase students’ school fee to meet the national government shortfall.

In a statement, acting chancellor, Dr Nicholas Mann, said: “Despite the decision by the NEC to provide K12 million as funding to support the recommencement of teaching and learning activities to complete Semesters 1 and 2 of the 2016 Academic Year, no funds have been released by the Government to date.”

Polye urges financial prudency in Education sector

He says the country will be going through tough times and will be felt for the next two to three years beginning in 2017.

Polye said this today giving a grim out look for 2017 reiterating the Governments economic mismanagement will severely affect the country with everyone feeling the pinch of a severe cash flow problem.

Just two days into 2017, Polye is appealing to schools, and state education institutions to be responsible with funds they have currently.

“Be responsible with the money you have there, the government will have no further money to give you.

Opposition says, there is systematic corruption in Government

He said this was due to the rule of law being undermined, and the lack of adherence to the constitution.

Polye adds these have been the hallmarks of the Government during its term.

Two days into the new year, Polye hosted a media conference portraying a grim outlook for 2017 saying the foundation of which have been established by the economic mismanagement of Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, and the Government.

K60m taken from Opposition, claims Basil

This follows an alleged instruction by the Prime Minister to divert the funds to pay the salaries of public servants.

Basil backed Opposition Leader Don Polye, calling the alleged directive a serious breach in the constitution, and a discriminatory and unfair instruction.

Basil queried why only the 21 members of the Opposition had K2.9 million from each DSIP funds remitted back to the consolidated revenue to pay for the salaries while the other 90 members in the Government did not have some of their funds remitted.

Polye throws support behind diabetes fight

The event was organised by the Diabetes Association of PNG and Gerehu Medical Centre as part of the World Diabetes Day 2016, a campaign for advocacy and awareness of the disease.

In a statement at Jack Pidik Park yesterday afternoon, Polye said: “Today is World Diabetes Day. There are more than 400 million people diagnosed with diabetes around the world, with it causing 1 in 4 people to die every second. This is shocking!”

He says diabetes is also another major health issue in PNG.

Opposition vows to challenge increase of nomination fee

Polye says they will take the matter to the court if the government uses its numerical strength to bulldoze it in Parliament.

Given that K400 million was allocated for the General Elections in the 2017 Budget, Polye questions why Prime Minister Peter O’Neill is hell-bent on proposing what he described as ‘unconstitutional and draconian law to cripple a certain group of people’.

“The Ombudsman Commission took a similar matter to the court when a past government then legislated to increase the nomination fee from K100 to K1000,” stated Polye.

Polye asks Government to deliver on promise


This was stated by Works Minister, Francis Awesa, in response to questions by Opposition Leader, Don Polye, that the Government failed to deliver the project after so much fanfare.

Polye said a huge billboard was erected in Mt Hagen with the photo of Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, and several cabinet members announcing that the four-lane road would be built.

Polye said that was over 12 months ago and likened the current state of the road to that of a war zone.

Polye wants public servants rewarded

Polye wants the Government to consider repaying more than K2 billion it owes to them via Nambawan Super Limited.

He says he was informed that some hardworking, retired public servants have died while waiting for the government (employer) to pay what was rightfully theirs.

“The government has betrayed them by withholding the employer’s contribution of 8.4 percent,” he states.

Polye says the superannuation has lost trust and confidence in the government’s Treasury Bills and Inscribes Stocks.