Opposition Leader Don Polye

US president decision will not affect PNG: O’Neill

O’Neill was responding to a series of questions from Opposition Leader Don Polye in Parliament on Tuesday.

Polye said the decision by the biggest economy in the world will surely have a negative impact on Papua New Guinea’s economy.

He added the alternative government policy when in power will be to protect PNG business and maintain Free Trade Agreements, like the one we share with European Union.

Media must ask Government on outstanding legislation

He questioned why the National Government is rushing to pass the Organic Law on National and Local-level Government Elections, to amend the 2017 National Election dates and fees when other legislations of national importance are being neglected.

Basil told Loop PNG, the media must do a follow up on the overdue passage of the Organic Law on Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates, Independent Commission Against Corruption Bill (ICAC) and others.

Polye issues stern warning to Gamato

Polye made the threat saying the National Elections were a matter of life and death in this country and warned the Electoral Commissioner not to facilitate an undemocratic election.

A fired up Polye made the statements in a media conference claiming he has evidence of foul play being orchestrated by politicians and Patilias Gamato, to rig the elections to favour the current ruling Peoples National Congress (PNC) Party

“He’s facilitating Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to be elected again. Mr Gamato is facilitating the Government and PNC to come back again.

Polye takes Government to task over drugs, homebrew

He said the answer to these social norms lay in the hands of the leaders.

Speaking in Kundiawa Town last weekend Polye said the Opposition has policies to skill the young people in different trades and create industries to help them find jobs.

He said by keeping the youths occupied by way of trade skills, they will stay out of drugs and homebrew drinking.

Polye also questioned the closure of the office of Narcotics Bureau for an indefinite period.

He said the office plays a vital role in the war against drugs and that it must be revived.


Election dates still stand: Electoral Commissioner

He made this statement in light of the Opposition’s outburst of his comments in a daily newspaper last week on legislations before Parliament to change the election dates.

Gamato said the revised date for the Issue of Writs from April 20 to May 20 depends entirely on Parliament's deliberations on the legislative amendments Bill on election laws to be tabled when it sits on January 24.

"If Parliament, which is the law-maker decides to change the date, I have no choice but to go by the laws that are made by the Parliament."

Changes to 2017 National Election dates, hot topic

PNG Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato was quoted in The National newspaper on Monday that the dates for the Issue of Writs may be deferred to May 20 because of legislations before Parliament.  

The current date for the issue of writs is April 20.  

Last Tuesday, Opposition Leader Don Polye held a media conference questioning the integrity of the Electoral Commissioner and the office he occupies.

Only Parliament can change election dates: Basil

The local Bulolo MP told a press conference in Port Moresby that, this week’s announcement of the deferral of a major constitutional event, such as the issue of writs is illegal.

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato was quoted in The National newspaper that the dates for the issue of writs may be deferred to May 20 because of legislations before Parliament.   

The date for the 2017 National Elections issue of writs is April 20 and July 24 is the return of writs.

PM slams Opposition claims on Electoral Commission

O’Neill said the Electoral Commission is a constitutional office and must not be dragged into politics.

"It his highly disrespectful, and goes against the nature of our democracy, for the Leader of the Opposition to seek to tarnish the reputation of the Electoral Commission as he has done,” the Prime Minister stated in a statement.  

“The Opposition has to respect the fact that the Electoral Commission must remain separate from political debate and be allowed to deliver its mandated job without fear or favour.

Kandep recourt declaration still with Courts

Incumbent MP and Opposition Leader Don Polye confirmed on Tuesday that the results had been given to the Court to make a declaration.

He added that because it is a court ordered recount, only the court will declare the result.

Polye still holds his Kandep Open seat awaiting the Court declaration.

The recount held in provincial capital, Wabag, was completed in October 2016 with the sitting MP reaching the absolute majority.

Opposition urges Electoral Commission to be neutral

He made this call in a media conference this afternoon after an article of the deferment of Issue of Writs for the 2017 National Elections was published in The National Newspaper on Monday.        

 “The Electoral Commission has become a yoyo and a laughing stock to Papua New Guinea, as well as to the international community,” Polye said.