Opposition Leader Don Polye

​No-confidence motion adjourned

However, before the matter could go into whether the opposition had standing in the case, preliminary issues were brought before the court by lawyers representing Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, Leader of Government Business James Marape and a member of the Parliamentary Committee on private business, William Powi.

The three leaders, through their lawyers, moved an application seeking to be added as additional parties in the case, saying they are directly affected in the motion filed by the opposition.

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Frieda River project to start in 2020


Mineral Resource Authority has announced the commencement of the formal process for the Frieda River Project to become an operational mine of world standard.

Clan undergo NID requirements for ILG


Poyle against InterOil takeover bid

Opposition leader Don Poyle says he does not support the takeover bid.

 “I have always supported diversity in business in Papua New Guinea.

“I do not understand the details of the takeover, but I must say that Papua New Guinea does not need a monopoly in any industry.

“We must facilitate a competitive (business) environment that is where values are added because you get quality, affordability and reduced liability to the state.

“But once I study the details of the takeover I will release a statement.”

O’Neill slams Polye’s claims on ABG funds

In a conference this afternoon, Polye called on Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to appropriate K70 million funding to the Autonomous Bougainville Government.

Polye claimed that the money was given by the People’s Republic of China to build a technical institution in the autonomous region.

However, he claimed that O’Neill diverted the funds to his own electorate in Ialibu-Pangia to build the new Western Pacific University.

PNG enjoys bilateral ties with countries

Foreign Affairs Minister Rimbink Pato when giving his ministerial statement in Parliament today on the progress and challenges in the past years in growing important nations for the country said the past has been an exceptionally busy and productive period for growing vital connections with other countries.

“While we have been busy growing our country’s international connections, we have not for a moment taken our eyes off the vital duty of safeguarding PNG’s core national interest,” says Pato.

“But relationships do not grow on their own.

Opposition mourns Sir James Tjoeng

Leader Don Pomb Polye today joined others to convey his sincere condolences to Lady Tjoeng, their children and family on the passing of Sir James.

“Our prayers are with the family of this great man during this period of sympathy,” said Mr Polye on behalf of his family, the people of Kandep and the executives of Triumph Heritage Empowerment party with its supporters nationwide.

Mr Polye said the late Sir James was a pioneer and a local businessman whose contribution would also be missed by PNG’s business sector.

Terror attacks ‘a warning’ for PNG, says Polye

“Terrorism-related attacks ranging from the Sydney Siege to Paris attacks should not be taken for granted but as a warning for the country to build our own security capacity,” said Mr Polye.

He said when they were in government, tightening the country’s security capacity would be one of its priorities.

He has queried whether the government had already at least mobilised resources and efforts to tighten national security in light of the Sydney siege in PNG’s neighbouring soil, citing underfunding of the core agencies of the national security.

Abolishing exams worries Opposition

Mr Polye said the Opposition viewed the proposal for the abolition as untimely and raw.

“In the wake of limited spaces in the tertiary institutions available to absorb the increase in the enrolment of grade 12 students in the country, such should be considered as the work of someone heartless,” he said.

He said the government had not raised the bars of the existing tertiary institutions with new ones.

Polye said he was adamant that it would not work well, adding a responsible government should map it out well for its effective implementation.

Polye demands truth about foreign reserves

 Polye claims the back log is about K2 billion.

He has queried Mr Marape whether the government had any corrective measures to ease the bottleneck to continuously spin the wheels of the business activities in the country.

His final question was why the local currency was continuing to devalue  against the US dollar since 2013.

In response Marape said the trade (export and import) cover would be K5.7 billion at the end of this year.