Incorporated land group

Foundation calls on Govt to abolish ILG registration

Founder of the CLLF Dr Onne Rageau argued that ILG registration allows landowners to be stripped off their customary land title.

Dr Rageau said it is time that the Government understands that the registration of volunteer customary land registration through ILG should be done away with.

He called on landowners to consider registering their land under the Compulsory Customary Land Registration by the Customary Land Law in PNG.

Progress for Bihoro Clan’s ILG application

Bihoro Clan is based in the Central Province and National Capital District (NCD).

The clan of 5,000 members is made up of six villages, namely Kirakira, Mahuru and Korobosea, which are located in NCD. Madouate, Vaiagai and Furumuti are situated at Koiari, Central Province.

The application for the ILG is now launched with the Department of Lands, awaiting for objection given 30 days’ notice.

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Frieda River project to start in 2020

Mineral Resource Authority has announced the commencement of the formal process for the Frieda River Project to become an operational mine of world standard.

Clan undergo NID requirements for ILG

Incorporated land group certificates will expire next year

The Department of Lands and Physically Planning deputy secretary for customary land, Andy Malo, said “by March 2017, the old ILG certificates registered under the old Act will be null and void.”

He added that they are having talks with commercial banks for state lease holders to get loans using their registered certificates as collaterals.

“We are in contact with commercial banks to have them relax their bank policy and accept customary leases as collateral for bank mortgage purpose.”