Progress for Bihoro Clan’s ILG application

The application for an Incorporated Land Group (ILG) for the Bihoro Clan is making progress and nearing completion.

Bihoro Clan is based in the Central Province and National Capital District (NCD).

The clan of 5,000 members is made up of six villages, namely Kirakira, Mahuru and Korobosea, which are located in NCD. Madouate, Vaiagai and Furumuti are situated at Koiari, Central Province.

The application for the ILG is now launched with the Department of Lands, awaiting for objection given 30 days’ notice.

Principal consultant from the Lands and Community Development Consultancy Services, Pexcy Rodney, said about 90 percent of the clan members received their identification cards and certificates.

This is a top requirement to form an ILG.

Rodney said some of the cards that were not received are still with the NID team, which will be taken and presented to the clan members when they are ready.

He explained that the importance of ILGs is to safeguard customary landowners due to the rise in land grabbing today.

The clan will be able to sub lease their land and will be able to benefit from development services.

Quintina Naime