Foundation calls on Govt to abolish ILG registration

The Customary Land Law Foundation (CLLF) has called on the Government to do away with the Incorporated Land Group (ILG) registration.

Founder of the CLLF Dr Onne Rageau argued that ILG registration allows landowners to be stripped off their customary land title.

Dr Rageau said it is time that the Government understands that the registration of volunteer customary land registration through ILG should be done away with.

He called on landowners to consider registering their land under the Compulsory Customary Land Registration by the Customary Land Law in PNG.

Compulsory customary land registration stops land grabbing, allows landowners to have an identity to their customary land and promotes investor partnership.

He encouraged landowners to seek assistance from the Communal Land Development Limited (CLDL) that assists landowners on the ownership of customary land.

CLDL aims to assist the Government on the development of customary land so that the genuine investors become partners with the landowners on projects or sign mutual lease agreements in a win-win situation. 

“I don’t think that volunteer customary land registration using ILG is the right process.

“It is our hope that before any new project developments take place on the customary land, the urgent need on the priority list is the Compulsory Customary Land Registration,” he said.

Dr Rageau appealed to organisations like the Lands Department, Constitutional Law Reform Commission, National Research Institute and Investment Promotion Authority to assist in this process.

Quintina Naime