customary landowners

Changes to Mining Act crucial

The amendment law will change the ownership of mineral resources found within customary land from the State to customary landowners. 

PNG’s Mining Act 1992 states that “all gold and minerals in or on any land in the country are properties of the State” but that will all change with the new law, if passed. 

With amendments to the Law, customary landowners will now actively participate in the mining industry through exploration and extraction of their mineral resources. 

Land Reform Vital, Says Rosso

He said the reform initiatives will pave way for sustainable economic growth, with one of the major reform undertaken by the Department of Lands is the introduction of a National Sustainable Land Use Policy (NSLUP).

The Sustainable Land Use Policy aims to effectively promote and implement sustainable land use and management in Papua New Guinea in accordance with the policy objectives and guiding principles.

Workshop for customary landowners

This follows at the back of the strategic partners summit, which was described as a fantastic success by the Lands Minister.

Different outcomes and resolutions were brought to light during the three-day strategic partners summit last week.

Stakeholders and customary landowners shared their concerns and insights on longstanding issues affecting traditional land.

Customary land will always remain with LOs: Minister

Stakeholders and customary landowners shared their concerns and insights on longstanding issues affecting traditional land.

Stakeholders involved in the discussions included financial institutions, the mining, oil and gas sector as well as property developers.

Lands Minister Justin Tkatchenko said items and concerns were presented on how customary land can be shaped and moulded to benefit landowners and especially the future generation.

The Lands Minister stressed that customary land will always remain with the traditional landowners.

Foundation calls on Govt to abolish ILG registration

Founder of the CLLF Dr Onne Rageau argued that ILG registration allows landowners to be stripped off their customary land title.

Dr Rageau said it is time that the Government understands that the registration of volunteer customary land registration through ILG should be done away with.

He called on landowners to consider registering their land under the Compulsory Customary Land Registration by the Customary Land Law in PNG.

Customary landowners participate in open forum

The two-day forum from February 23-24 is being hosted by the Customary Land Law Foundation (CLLF).

The participants mostly from Central, Gulf, Hela and Milne Bay, have the opportunity to air their voices at the forum and educate themselves about compulsory land registration.

The forum will help landowners understand how Customary Land Law has been available but has never been exposed as our identity to the ownership of customary land.

Call for action on SABL by 10,000 customary landowners

The signed post cards petitioning the Government were presented by representatives from SABL affected areas organised by community advocacy group ACT NOW.

Paul Pavol from Mu village in Pomio, East New Britain Province led the group to deliver their grievances calling on the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and the Government to cancel the leases and stop SABL.

In June 2013, the SABL Commission of Inquiry revealed how government officers have facilitated the theft of over 50,000 square kilometres of land from customary landholders.