ENB districts to benefit from German project

The project is funded by the German international aid agency known as GIZ (Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit/German Corporation for International Cooperation), and a team, including partners like the South Pacific Community.

Work on South coast missing link launched

When government services such as airstrips deteriorated over the years until they became non-existent, people have been taking a risky a 10-hour boat ride into the provincial capital of Kokopo city.

The introduction of MV Pomio vessel in 2021 had assisted locals in easing their travel, however the opening of the missing link is expected reduce travel time to just around four hours.

PM Marape opens bridges in Pomio

These two bridges were the 84-metre Toto Bridge and Unung Bridge, which is about 100 metres in length. Both bridges are located within the West Pomio LLG and are about 8 kilometres apart, with Unung furthest to the border of the two LLGs of West and Central Pomio.

The PM was accompanied by National Ministers Renbo Paita, Solan Mirisim and Joe Sungi to the district headquarters to launch the bridges and the ENB Provincial Strategic Development Plan (SDP) 2023-2033.

Pomio welcomes pilot digital initiative

Department of Implementation and Rural Development (DIRD) Secretary, Aihi Vaki, made the announcement, which has been described by Kapavore as a vote of confidence on the district’s effort towards strengthening good governance.

The platform has already been piloted in both the Nuku District of West Sepik Province and the Wabag District of Enga Province, and so far, it has proven to be a success.

Laup Ward gets premium seedlings

The distribution of the tree seedlings was from two suppliers; teak tree stumps from OISCA International Rabaul and Eaglewood seedlings from the Sinivit LLG.

Speaking at the ward’s government meeting on Tuesday, July 25th, the LLG Rural Development Officer, Lynette Samuel, said each of the 18 wards in the LLG will be supplied 300 Eaglewood seedlings, and names would be registered so that they will undergo training after the distribution.

Pomio to set up coffee factory

Pomio coffee farmers produce the largest amount of coffee, but are currently selling their produce to the mainland after the factory at Kabakaul in Kokopo shut down following the death of its manager a few years back.

Realising the need to bring the market closer to the people, the Pomio District Development Authority, through its board, decided to set up a coffee factory in the district’s headquarters at Palmalmal.

All for Pomio district

This was the statement made by Pomio MP, Elias Kapavore, after defecting to PANGU Pati from People’s National Congress (PNC) party.

After expressing his gratitude to PNC and former Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, Kapavore said PNG would be celebrating 50 years of independence within three years, and Pomio needs to move with its development plans.

He also outlined that his move is to strengthen the presence of one of the oldest political parties, PANGU, in East New Britain Province.

Ward committees pushed to perform

Pomio deputy district administrator for operations, Joshua Jeremiah, outlined that the empowerment of the lowest level of government at the wards is an oath of affirmation of the members of the WDCs, with the ward members as chairpersons of their respective WDCs.

He said having the largest landmass in East New Britain Province, the delivery of basic services remains a challenge for Pomio District.

New LLG swears in committees

The one-day program was held at the Serenguna Primary School for WDCs of 8 wards in zone 2, East New Britain Province.

The eight committees comprised of 56 members; with seven members per ward, which is inclusive of the ward member as the chairman of the WDC and the ward recorder.

Pomio deputy district administrator for operations, Joshua Jeremiah, said there is a training program for ward recorders in the coming week for the district, to be held at Palmalmal town.

Pomio LOs Undergo Training

Funded by Japanese-based Cosmo Oil Company, the program ended on Friday, August 12th, with the presentation of certificates to 17 participants that came from the ARM wards and also Marambu and Sanbam wards within Sinivit LLG.

Facilitator, civil rights activist and chairman of the Klampun Conservation Association in the East Pomio LLG, Patrick Kaupun, said the training aimed to help the landowners to appreciate and value each other and their natural environment.