Southern Region

Niukick heads to finals

The top 4 teams in each division will advance to the knockout finals this Saturday at the Murray Barracks oval.

Southern Region Rule Development Officer David ToPeni said the schools in the U13 boys and girls finals are Taurama Primary, Kilakila Primary, St Therese Primary and St Peters. These schools will also meet in the U15 boys and girls as well.

ToPeni said because of school exams, the competition only ran for six rounds. However, despite being a short season, a lot of boys and girls have developed and progressed in their AFL skills and knowledge of the game

Workshop for customary landowners

This follows at the back of the strategic partners summit, which was described as a fantastic success by the Lands Minister.

Different outcomes and resolutions were brought to light during the three-day strategic partners summit last week.

Stakeholders and customary landowners shared their concerns and insights on longstanding issues affecting traditional land.

YWAM treats 19,000 in rural areas

The ship and its major sponsors last night gathered on board the YWAM ship to celebrate the completion of the deployment.

The ship will return to Australia where it will undergo a scheduled maintenance and refitting before it returns to PNG in November.

It was deployed to the rural areas of Western, Gulf, central, Milne Bay, Oro, and Morobe provinces treating over 19,000 patients.

Executive Program manager for YWAM ships Dr Serah Dunn said 598 volunteers from 21 countries travelled into PNG for the health outreach voyage.

Strong wind warning issued for southern PNG

An initial strong wind warning has been issued today by the PNG National Weather Service (PNG NWS).

Strong winds will be experienced throughout the coastal waters of southern PNG through Torres Straight and Daru.

Strong wind warning issued for southern PNG

The PNG National Weather Service issued strong northwest to west winds of 25/34 knots.

Coastal villages are warned to take precaution when going out to sea following strong winds causing rough seas.

The strong winds will affect all coastal waters of Southern PNG through Daru to Kiwai Island to Kerema, Yule Island and to all Milne Bay Islands.

Coastal villagers are warned to avoid traveling long distances by boat or dinghy and also going out fishing during this time of strong winds.

Puma announces promo winner

He said: “We have had an overwhelming response from our customers throughout the country to our ‘Fuel Up & Win’ promotion.”

When congratulating the winner David Goglkama of the Puma Energy’s third Grand Draw for the Southern region, Tokome said the customer participation in the competition was overwhelming.

The draw was conducted on Thursday under police supervision at the Waigani service station in Port Moresby.

Strong wind warning issued for southern coast of PNG

The weather office in Port Moresby issued this warning today for all coastal waters of Southern PNG through Torres Strait and Daru to Kiwai Island, Kerema, Yule Island and Hood Point.

There’ll be strong southeast winds of 20/34 knots expected to continue for the next six hours, causing rough seas and high wind waves.

The weather forecaster advises all small crafts and boats to take necessary precautions before going out to sea.

YWAM’s medical ship returns to Papua New Guinea

The voyage comes after the successful completion of Stage 2 of the vessel's refit and represents the debut of the MV YWAM PNG's brand-new dentistry clinic and day procedure unit which will give thousands of people in remote villages access to dentistry and ophthalmic procedures.

YWAM Medical Ships Managing Director, Mr Ken Mulligan, said the MV YWAM PNG’s return to PNG is cause for much celebration.