Communal Land Development Limited

Foundation calls on Govt to abolish ILG registration

Founder of the CLLF Dr Onne Rageau argued that ILG registration allows landowners to be stripped off their customary land title.

Dr Rageau said it is time that the Government understands that the registration of volunteer customary land registration through ILG should be done away with.

He called on landowners to consider registering their land under the Compulsory Customary Land Registration by the Customary Land Law in PNG.

Rageau: ILG registration deprives LOs of their customary land title

CLLF was recently set up by the Communal Land Development Limited (CLDL) aimed to secure the 97 percent of the total land mass of PNG commonly known as the customary land.

Dr Rageau argued that ILG registration strips landowners off their customary land titles.

He explained that through ILG registration, the customary land is registered and the landowners lose that customary land title and will no longer claim that as a customary land.

“It will become State land and Government at its own discretion will do what is best for it.