Incorporated land group certificates will expire next year

All certificate holders of the Incorporated Land Group Act must renew their certificate before March 27, 2017, deadline.

The Department of Lands and Physically Planning deputy secretary for customary land, Andy Malo, said “by March 2017, the old ILG certificates registered under the old Act will be null and void.”

He added that they are having talks with commercial banks for state lease holders to get loans using their registered certificates as collaterals.

“We are in contact with commercial banks to have them relax their bank policy and accept customary leases as collateral for bank mortgage purpose.”

The deputy secretary encourages ILG lease holders to register their certificates using the PNG Civil and Identity Registry because it is useful.      

“We are pleased that NID (project) arrangement will have a great impact on landowners to fast track the delay in landowners getting their birth certificates as soon as possible.”     

Registrar general Dickson Kiragi said the registration for the national identification is still free.

Charles Yapumi