Opposition Leader Don Polye

Polye to file slip rule against Supreme Court decision

Yesterday, the Supreme Court ordered a re-count of all ballot boxes, including the 5 boxes that were disputed, in the Kandep Open election of 2012.

Justices Allen David, Jacinta Murray and Frazer Pitpit, in a unanimous decision, upheld the two separate Supreme Court election petition reviews that were filed by Don Polye and Alfred Luke Manase.

Polye tells Maru to leave trade war with foreign affairs

Its leader Don Polye described the row as an ‘embarrassment for PNG’.

“The Prime Minister and his Trade Minister should leave the matter with the Foreign Affairs Minister, whose department has the capacity and systematic memory to deal with it within the protocols of conventions and agreements.

“It should have easily been dealt with amicably without any complications through the diplomatic channels,” said Polye.

He said PNG is a ‘big brother’ among the Melanesian countries, adding it lodging a trade row with Fiji only reflected naivety and incompetency.

Termination of student leaders not a solution for peace at UPNG: Polye

Polye said the reasons the university council gave to justify their termination were shallow, adding the justifications are the subject of the current investigation.

“Termination is not an appropriate tool to restore peace and order at the campus.

“The government deserves to be terminated by the people and not the students,” he said.

Polye, a former student leader, said the boycott of class was decided by the majority and not individuals with vested interests.

Polye urges O’Neill to talk with aggrieved landowners

Opposition Leader Don Polye made the call upon hearing claims that the government plans to use police and defence personnel to contain the situation.

“The Prime Minister, Finance Minister James Marape, Planning Minister Charles Abel and Treasury Minister Patrick Pruaitch must not use the disciplined forces to contain the situation.

“Their engagement will not solve any problem. It will exacerbate the situation,” says Polye.

He said the shutdown of the Hides gas plant by angry landowners over delay in LNG project related funds reflects the government’s incompetency.

Polye blames Government for economic shortfalls

He said the Government failed in the austerity measures, and now the country is in recession and may slide further if no reliable policy measures are applied.

“The Prime Minister solely should be blamed for mismanaging the economy into unsustainable debts. He is economically illiterate. The Ministers for Finance and Treasury should also take responsibility, it shows they are not fit to manage the economy and the country is in the wrong hands,” said Polye.

Opposition is constructive, says Polye

Polye said the Opposition wanted honest and transparent leaders and leadership.

Polye has rubbished the call by the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill for the Opposition to be constructive, saying the writing was on the wall.

“The Opposition and informed citizens do not want leaders who manipulate the Police Force and the Ombudsman Commission in order to delay investigations. 

“It does not want leaders who promptly disband Taskforce Sweep when it finds evidence possibly incriminating a national leader. 

Yangoru agri-business a ‘political gimmick’

Polye said he was not talking down the country’s investment and the economy but was shedding a light on realities.

When commenting on the project, Polye said he would not be surprised to see this project as another scam to bleed taxpayers’ money.

He said when he was the Treasury Minister he budgeted K50 million for Sepik Plain under a commercialisation plan.

Attack on media a shame for democracy, says Polye

In joining the chorus of leaders condemning the attack, Opposition Leader Don Polye has called on the people to understand the roles and responsibilities of media workers.

He added that in doing so, it would help them correct such misbehaviour.

“We also have to fully appreciate the value of freedoms of expression and information as promoted by our Constitution,” he said.

PNG needs new leadership: Kimisopa

The Member for Goroka made this comment after moving over to join the Opposition ranks on Friday.

Also on the same day, People’s Progress Party Leader Ben Micah announced his party’s defection from the Government to the Opposition.   

New Generation has three MPs in Parliament.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill led 81 members of the coalition government to Alotau yesterday morning to camp before the vote of no-confidence on Friday.

The Opposition is camping in Port Moresby.   

Opposition confident it has numbers to form government

New Generation and People Progress Party have joined the Opposition ranks to form a new government.

Opposition Leader Don Polye confidentially said the numbers will grow again tonight and the coming days before the Parliament session on Friday July 22, 2016.

He said this new government they will be forming is of quality and the one that will be able to serve the people of this country.